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V.R. Metaphysical Aesthetics

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#76 John Woods

John Woods

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Posted Mar 19 2018 - 06:07 PM

View PostJonnyA, on Mar 18 2018 - 10:25 AM, said:

Still don't like his line into Hugenholtz though!

In Grand Prix Legends its a good line if you are passing under braking but otherwise its hard to get up the hill that follows.

Actually take it and Tarzan more like arena supercross riders than like Taruffi suggests...staying outside a little longer and getting a better run up the hill, more like the line he suggests for banked ovals.

Probably because real track back then was cambered differently and/or crowned and GPL version is not?
Or maybe he's got it right?

In attached, Taruffi recommended line, (close enough), is in red and my idea of very late clipping point, in green, to get most time accelerating up hill and most speed before Jan de Wijker. (Now looking at the drawing all finished and posted up think my line typically makes a wider arc, more on the outside at entry and exit).

With no traffic, the goal is one entry and one exit, all one safe motion with minimum loss of speed, minimum time in constant radius, and maximum time for exit?


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#77 Pete Gaimari

Pete Gaimari

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Posted Mar 20 2018 - 03:29 PM

Yeah, John. Blind turns are hard enough, but when we're going that fast there's no room for error. Turn in late or early and we're in trouble.

#78 JonnyA


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Posted Mar 20 2018 - 03:56 PM

I find it difficult to get all the way across to the RHS of the track after Gerlach, but I do my best because I find it gives me room to brake nice and deep into Hugenholtz which makes it easier to rotate the car. For Tarzan and Hugenholtz, over time my line has got deeper with a much later apex - all focussed on getting onto the throttle ASAP. If I used Taruffi's line into Hugenholtz I think I'd end up parked on the apex at about 0 mph!

But as you say, GPL Zandvoort and real Zandvoort may be rather different beasts.

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Posted Mar 20 2018 - 07:58 PM

Most of the driving advice I've seen in the past says that it's always the exit of a series of bends which should take priority, as good exit speed leads to better speed on the following straight. So to get the best line and speed up the hill towards Hunserug, you need a good exit from Hugenholtz. To get a good exit from Hugenholtz, you need a good entry, with a late apex to get on the power early. To get a good entry into Hugenholtz, you need to get over to the right after Gerlacht. That means that you may have to go through Gerlacht a bit slower to give you time to get the car over to the right-hand side. The time you lose compromising your speed and line through Gerlacht should be more than made up for by the better exit and better speed between Hugenholtz and Hunserug. At least that's how the theory goes. :D I always try to drive according to that ideal, but sometimes it's not easy!

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