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Driver.ini Generator / Editor / Randomizer

Yesterday, 11:26 AM

Posted by Saiph in GPL Request Area
There has been some talk on the forum recently about creating edited driver.ini files to make races against the AI less predictable. For example, you could adjust the performance figures for AI drivers to simulate them having a notably bad day to give you a better chance, or for them to have a notably good day to give you someone to chase and prevent the human driver from running away with the race:

View Postprize, on May 29 2020 - 07:48 PM, said:

I also like the idea of randomizing AI drivers in drivXX.ini.  If the slider is set to race against 5 AI drivers, say, by default you're racing against 5 fast drivers.  If you randomize the drivXX.ini for the mod you're using, you'll get a random choice of 5 drivers from the list; this makes for slower and more varied AI competition.


View Postjgf, on May 30 2020 - 10:44 AM, said:

Ah, the Driver Randomizer.  There was one for Nascar 2 (or 3?) but not for N2k3;  probably because the former used txt files for driver parameters while the latter used hex files.  Since GPL uses text files for drivers it probably wouldn't be too difficult for some knowledgeable soul to create a utility to randomize driver selection and/or performance.

The one I recall gave you four options for each driver performance parameter:  the percent chance he would perform better than normal and by how much;  and the percent chance he would perform worse than normal and by how much.  So, for example, a front runner might have a 3% chance of up to 20% less power ...the loss may be so slight you would never notice or he may be a backmarker for that race.  There was also a restore button to reset the defaults.  I loved that little program, and spent untold hours tweaking the cfg file ...and naturally had one for each carset.

For less than a full field it could randomly select the specified number of drivers and create a new driver.ini with just them.  (The Nascar util didn't do that, like GPL we always raced the best drivers.)

As prize says, if you limit the number of AI drivers in a race, it appears that GPL automatically selects the best drivers to race against. Is this correct? Would it be possible to change the driver.ini file to give a more random and variable selection of opponents? Also, it seems it might be quite easy to do this for a single race. But would it also be possible to do it for an entire championship season?

Would other GPL drivers be interested in a tool like this?

I must admit, I have very little experience with editing driver.ini files, as I am usually a hotlapper, although I do know some of the basics. There are a couple of "hype" values for each driver, along with a number for "variability". Perhaps those are the number which would need to be tweaked?

I would be willing to look into writing a driver.ini randomizer. It wouldn't be pretty - I don't know how to use Vis Studio to write nice Windows GUIs, but I could develop a simple command-line utility which would take basic info from a .INI or config file and fiddle around with the standard driver.ini file to give you a tweaked version.

Please let me know if anyone is interested in this, and if there are any GPL AI experts out there who are familiar with the driver.ini files, I'd be grateful for some basic advice on:

( 1 ) Which values need to be changed to influence driver behaviour, and how sensitive are they?
( 2 ) Is it possible to drive an entire season with custom AI drivers to give a more varied season?
( 3 ) Does GPL already include a certain randomness for each driver, denoted by the "variability" number?

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Where To Find Documentation About Gem.ini And Other Gpl Config Files

Yesterday, 02:10 PM

Where can I find documentation on GPL config files such as GEM.ini?  If I knew the GEM.ini file format, for example, it would help me troubleshoot when something doesn't show up correctly in the GEM+ graphical interface.


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Gpl Not Working With Gem Options Selected

Yesterday, 04:11 AM

the other day i had been running laps in the 69x mod i closed the session after 1hr or so

next day i tried to start GPL through GEM and GPL would not start at all

i tried everything i could think of including deleting all appropriate exe files that did not work

so i deleted and reinstalled GEM including the options (head movement no letterbox among other patches) didn't work reinstalled GPL didn't work

now i'm thinking maybe GEM is the problem so i delete that and installed a different version without the options hey presto its all working

i then put the options back in and guess what it wouldn't work  at all and YES i did try them one at a time

my question is why would it be working one day n not the next in the first place and why wont it work now even after fresh installs hmmmmmm

this problem exist in all mods well the ones i tried 55, f2. 67 and 69x

in before you all ask YES i have checked for viruses and all came back clean

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Yesterday, 07:49 AM

Posted by Freedog in Member Feedback
Logged on today for the first time in several years. Totally chuffed that GPL is still going strong. Looking to jump back in and looking for guidance on wether I should buy a new computer or use an old laptop I have. What kinds of stats do I need for a computer to run GPL reliably?

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G25 Clutch Pedal

Yesterday, 12:08 PM

Hi all,

When using the clutch pedal of my G25 to get moving, the smallest lift of the pedal fully engaged the clutch and the car bogs down.  Is there a way to get a longer travel on the clutch pedal?


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