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10ª Clandestines Trophy

Yesterday, 07:08 PM

Posted by jonny'o in GPL-"Hey, anyone need a racer?"

Carset Download http://www.mediafire...RRlRYfQm3g6sfLI

Carlos Cendejas _McLaren M7A-C

Daniel Santana _Ferrari 312-C

David Sochenna _Lotus 49b-D

Doni Yourth _BRM P133

Du Fossa _Lotus 49b-F

Du Lima _McLaren M7A-D

Eric Bilodeal _Matra MS10 D

Farina _Cooper T86b-D

Greg Taber _McLaren M5a B

Jonny'O _BRM P126-E

Keni Blood _Cooper T86b-C

Marcos Mirande - BRM P126-B

Mati -_Brabham BT24-B

Migcomand _Ferrari 312-B

Miguel Palud _McLaren M5A

Oscar _Lotus 49b-C

Pablo Sosa _Matra MS11-A

Raoni Frizzo _Eagle T1G

Renato Jungle _Honda RA301

Ricardo Silva - Brabham BT26 A

Rica Ramos_McLaren M7A-E

Rogerio Ottoni _Brabham BT26 B

Valentin _Matra MS10 C

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Installed Tracks Work Well But In Gem+ Season Manager They Appear As *not Installed*

08 Aug 2020

I have a problem:
in many seasons created by myself in GEM+ several tracks appear as *not installed' in the respective season.ini displayed in the GEM+ season manager. This shows up with many tracks (very often tracks like kyalami68, silver2, nurburg68, brands68 but also specifically designed tracks like the new Monza67, Monza69, Spa67, Watkins Glen 71 and so on). Nevertheless the tracks work well in the GPL simulator. Furthermore in some seasons these tracks appear properly in others they show up the *not installed* sign posting.
My most current exemple is the recently released Monza67 track by Ginetto et al. The track works well in 67 historic mod (v. 02, off-line mod) with one exeption: the recording of my hot laps in the "fastest laps" menue is not correct. The best lap times are recorded and displayed but they do not appear under "Monza67" but the track is labelled "Kyalami" (and other tracks showing the sign posting *not installed* are also displayed as "Kyalami").
Can anybody help me to fix this issue. What's wrong?


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How To Determine Grade Of Gpl Track (In Order To Take A Virtual Bicycle Ride On A Gpl Track)

08 Aug 2020

I can take a virtual bike ride on a GPL track using my bike trainer as follows:
1. make a video of driving around a GPL track at the speed I'd ride around it on my bike
2. ride on my bike trainer while watching the video

(By bike trainer, I mean a regular bicycle mounted on a device that applies friction to the back wheel, e.g. https://fitnessandfr...h-road-bike.jpg)

To make this more realistic I want to input the grade of the road into my bike trainer, so it applies more friction when I'm going up a hill.  Is there a way to extract the slope of a GPL track so I can input it into my bike trainer?


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Ea Sports F1 2001 On A Windows 8?

09 Aug 2020

Posted by Elijahroberson in I Wanna talk about other Sims or Games
Yesterday I was cleaning out my old computer desk when I came across a copy of F1 2000 and F1 2001 buried within the depths of the desk. I had been looking for these for some time and was hoping they would still work as these games were newer than some Papy games I can run on my pc without any patches. Unfortunately, F1 2001 did not. I launched the autorun, ran the configuration program, and when I launched the game all I was met with was a minute of my cursor loading. Nothing ever actually popped up other than the admin approval window. I then tried running it in a Windows XP, and Windows 98 compatibility mode, yet that didn't change anything either. I don't think compatibility modes have ever actually helped me when I needed them. With no online patches for more modern OSs, I am pretty much out of luck. Does anyone have any idea how to get this game running on Windows 8? I know 8 is outdated, and I am getting a new pc soo but I often procrastinate on switching operating systems.

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For Sale... Endor/fanatec Sim Racing Components...

Yesterday, 08:21 AM

Posted by 5-Card-Major in Personal Selling/Trading post
Components literally only used for about an hour or two.... I was not happy with the angle and setup when attaching the wheelbase to my computer desk. (I'm 6'3" ) And, I have no room for a rig.

Ship to USA only.... I am on the East coast. If shipping is over $50. we split cost.

All original boxes, except the Podium Hub box (can't find it, ...weird)
* Club Sport Desk Clamp V2 $60. > $50.
* Club Sport Pedals V3 $360. > $320.
* Button Caps & Sticker Set... $30. > $20.
* Club Sport Wheel Base (WB) V2.5 $550. > $500.
* Podium Hub $178. > $150.
* Podium Advanced Paddle Module $160. > $125.
* Podium Button Module Endurance $178. > $155.
* Podium Wheel Rim Porsche 911 GT3 Cup (Suede) $133. > $110.
* CS Pedal V3 Brake Performance Kit $30 > $25. (box never opened)

I paid $1,671. All items total sale price $1,455. If you buy all items > $1,300.

Disclosure... "The CSW Porsche 911 GT3R wheel rim currently not compatible with Podium Button Module Endurance, pending future firmware updates."
EDIT: There is now a software patch for this at Fanatec site. https://fanatec.com/us-en/

(Not responsible for typos.)


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