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So, 20 Years Later (Gpl)

Yesterday, 03:10 PM

It's getting close to 20 years since I played GPL, but I installed it again today!

Much to my surprise, after about 15 minutes, I was only half a second off my old pace at Monza, and using the default setup to boot. I remember it took me forever in 1999 to just not crash all the time.

I spent much of the last 20 years racing a 500hp, 2100lb race car in real life, so perhaps that helped. I remember quitting GPL because I thought it was making my real world race driving too cautious!

Nice to see it's still being played. I never found another sim I liked.

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Gpl Flagmen (Jackseller) Updated By Paul Skingley (Brown/ White)

23 Jun 2019

Posted by Stefan Roess in GPL-Misc' Addons
GPL Flagmen (Jackseller) updated by Paul Skingley

These flagmen were originally created by Jackseller in 2013:

As the orange suits looked too modern for Paul Skingley`s taste he changed them to:
  • BROWN Marshall suits
  • WHITE Marshall suits
Quote Paul Skingley:
"All credit to Jackseller. I just changed the colours. Jack's chequered flagger is unchanged."

Installation: Make a backup of your objs (objects) folder (...\SIERRA\gpl\objs) and copy your choice from the BROWN or WHITE archive attached.

Download: http://www.gplworld....s/gpl-downloads

Thx Paul for giving me permission to release and host your files. :)


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Tripoli '37 Track Map With Turn Numbers

Yesterday, 10:49 AM

Posted by John Woods in GPL-Track Addons
It is a big help when chatting in the pits to have turns with names and numbers.
Just sayin...

Two sizes, made the map from tripoli.3do using MS Paint.
WinMip2 is not working for me atm so cannot configure this map for GPL menus.
(Will work on that later).
Its a beta project, in case someone wants to help.
Pretty sure have it sort of right.

GPLBrasil 30th Season starts very soon - get ready on the iGOR Willow server

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Low Fps On Obs When Trying To Capture Gpl But The Game Runs Just Fine For Me

20 Jun 2019

Posted by EmperorOfFinland in GPL-"Help! I'm having trouble with..."
So i have been working with OBS trying it to give me smooth picture quality, but when i try to capture it. it just gives me low fps on the preview and on stream and keeps missing frames but does not show that it misses them and also flickers on pits.

The game itself runs just fine at 36fps but it does not capture itself properly. now since im running win7 it disables aero when i start GPL so i was thinking could that be causing it.

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Gplps Gpl Mod 1.08

24 Jun 2019

Hi Guys. I have installed the above Mod and love it, The only thing I can't do is get Gem+ for Windows 10. and I'm finding it impossible to slow down the AI's. Any help would be most appreciated Thanks.  I used to race in the original Papryus vers and am now trying to get back into it in 2019

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