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Could Not Initialize The Replay System

Today, 01:43 AM

Using the 55 mod in a single race I suddenly get the "Could not initialize the replay system" and "cancelling the weekend" messages. I haven't fiddled around with any driver or season ini's or the like, and yesterday it was quite happy to let me race, any ideas?

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Best Handling Model: Automobilias F1 Ultimate!

Today, 01:21 AM

Posted by Ralonso in News & Announcements
Hi Guys!

A few days ago,I just wanted to test the new 1.40 Automobilista Build..

But what I then experienced, was the best handling model of (modern) racing simulation. The real F1 driving feeling delivered to your living room!

Check it out over here:


Have fun!

Cheers from Ralonso

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Gtr2 Running Slowly

Yesterday, 10:34 PM

Posted by jgf in P&G-Technical Area
I know this is a P&G forum, but it is GTR2 inside.  My P&G install works fine, no issues (other than my driving), so this isn't a system problem.

In GTR2 everything works, but very slowly.  When selecting a car class, click on the arrow to change class and it takes 30-60 seconds for the next class to appear (normally almost instantaneously);  select a car and it takes about 30 seconds for the revolving image to appear;  once car and track are selected, it takes about a minute for the LOD screen to appear (this is not the time for the track loading as indicated by the progress bar).

In the garage I can save a setup normally, but then highlight it in the list and click "Favorite" and it will be about 30 seconds before it appears as Favorite.  Once on track there is no FPS display;  if the car has an LCD, the screen is there but no display;  if it has analog gauges there are no needles.  There doesn't seem to be an fps issue - no choppiness or stuttering - but a couple of minutes of driving will induce a headache due to odd visuals, and there seems to be some control lag.  Back to the garage menu, click "Exit" and get the popup "Exit Track?", click that and get the green checkmark then wait a couple of minutes til finally back at the main menu;  exiting the game is the same - get the green checkmark then wait a couple of minutes before back to the desktop.

I have tried running in single core or multicore, makes no difference.  Have rerun gtr2config, settings hadn't changed but saved them again anyway;  made no difference.  Was using a custom gfx.gtr, replaced that with default, didn't help.  Compared sysinfo.txt and config.ini with those in P&G install, no difference  ...but P&G runs normally and GTR2 is virtually unusable.  FTR, Avast, Malwarebytes, and ESET give the system a clean bill of health.  Problem arose a couple of days ago, no changes to system or GTR2 in that time span.

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Mclaren-The Movie

Yesterday, 04:18 PM

Posted by twinpotter in Motorsport Chat
Just watched the Mclaren movie and I have to say what a magnificent watch.

Great archive clips from newsreel and home movies,with interviews from family and friends. On similiar lines to Senna and Road(Joey Dunlop)movies.

Knew that Bruce was the instigator and inventor of how we see Mclaren today. But his dedication,hard knuckle input and desire was immense.

Great footage from F1 like Mclaren teams first win at Spa in 68. But especially the Can-Am stuff,like Bruce's come from behind win at Mosport in 66.Then the exploits at LeMan and Indianapolis.

Didn't realise too Teddy Mayer and Alistair Caldwells contribution early on. Thought they came into Mclaren much later with James Hunt.

Then the sad ending which leaves you reaching for the hankies.

This is a must watch for any motor sport fan but especially all us GPL nuts.

Definately in my motorsport dvd collection !


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