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Dessauer Rennstrecke New Ai

Today, 03:24 AM

Posted by Tato in GPL-Track Addons

I know Ez has already released his AI update and it's very good as usual, but as promised I've made my own, for the one or two people that will give it a chance.


A new set of AI files for this fantastic track. Includes a couple of 55 specific files.


Simply paste the files into your \tracks\dessau folder, but please make a backup of existing ones before overwriting so they can be reverted easily if needed.


- provided as "it is", without any kind of warranty;
- feel free to edit the files as you want - if you want to - without asking for permission;
- tested with 67 cars;
- tested with 55 mod (but for reference, I say that after +40 attempts, I'm still unable to finish a 20 laps race because I can't drive without brakes, so I can't extimate the fuel consumption very well, sorry);
- put extra care at turn 1 at the start of the race (autobahnkehre hairpin), since it's a typical "crash factory" corner.


- Andre Streu for this really great track  :3gears:
- Thomas Laechele for his usual high-end graphics updates :artist:
- gliebzeit for pointing me at this fantastic track, otherwise I fear I will never discovered it :oops:

P.S.: good luck with your brakes into 55 cars: mine are completely gone after two slow laps... :rant: :wall:  ...so I've seriously started to think that there's some kind of evil genius messing up with brakes into my installation, or maybe I need a better mechanic... :think:

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Slow Ai With The 60 Fps Patch

26 May 2017

Hello people,

i use the 60 fps patch(v1) for gpl. its very nice, but you cant race the ai, because its incredible slow. the .ini, which comes with the patch does not help at all.

my question is: did i make a mistake with the install or is there no possibility to race a good AI with 60 fps at all?

because i dont want to drive with 30 fps anymore....

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Forza Ferrari !

Yesterday, 07:08 AM

Posted by gliebzeit in Off Topic Chat
Oh yeah!  Last time this happened (and I was there) was in 1979 - Scheckter and Villeneuve.

... and now.

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Uk Tv: The Flying Lap (Episode 9, 2017) - Dick Scammell And The Dfv.

26 May 2017

Episode 9 (2017) of 'The Flying Lap' on Motorsport TV has a wonderful segment at the beginning where Peter Windsor talks to Dick Scammell about the DFV genesis. I'm not sure if and when it may be repeated but it's possible to watch it online on the Motorsport TV site.

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Engine Sounds

25 May 2017

Hello all together,

after many ours of assetto corsa playing i wanted to start a new round gpl on the targa florio. (in my opinion this is the best track, which ever created for a PC racing game)

I had installed the game with the gpl installer, which included a sound patch.

I like the new engine sounds very much except the lotus and the ferrari sound. I like the original better. Its so raw.

I downloaded Achims big pile of sounds compilation now. From this i only want to use the lotus and ferrari sound.

My question ist: which file i need to copy from achims sound package into the sound directory of gpl, if i ONLY want to replace the lotus and the ferrari sound with the original one?

the other sounds should stay like it is.

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