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RFactor 2 ISI Studio 397

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#16 leon_90


    Lorenzo Bandini

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Posted Sep 23 2016 - 03:10 AM

There's a thread about the argument here somewhere, where evidence was shown about the correct angle for the Ascari. Ginetto wrote the majority of the posts regarding the argument, pointing at the right angle to use as it is wrong in GPL too. He's the man you are looking for for your answers ;)

#17 Lord


    Mr. Broken Gearbox

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Posted Sep 23 2016 - 03:25 AM

I don't think I'll ever consider rF2 until whoever decides to take it optimizes it by cutting away all the redundant code that it's in there: I feel that we need a special kind of stupid to have TWO AERO FORMULAS battling each other in the files and running at the same time, just to say one thing.

Also... as a mechanical engineer, the BT20 made me sick: the values are all goddamn wrong, it's too bumpy, the rear oscillates to much because its natural frequency is all :angry33: ed up... it's a mess. It's a real unadulterated disaster. Also the Repco engine is too frail: it blew up on me at 5000 RPM. No joke. It was a workhorse in real life, why it has been rendered as a glass cannon I can't know.

The tracks are bleak and run like : :crap::: I can run rFactor with over 50 cars in GTPC all maxed out at modern, F1 '15-ripped Monaco, but in rF2 if I have just 2 cars is a shitfest in classic Monaco. What the hell: there's waaaaay less detail overall and it makes drying paint look like Usain Bolt! Even GPL's Spa '67 is heavier than that and I can run it no problem with all cars, bandwith patch with max cars in the rear and starting from the rear with the GPL Fog addon on it. Really, I can't understand.

Again, to me, they have to optimize heavily the product. If F1 2016 and AC maxed out can run with no hiccups on a ATI HD Radoen 5770, I don't see why RF2 can't.

#18 Fat Rich

Fat Rich

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Posted Sep 23 2016 - 05:23 AM

View PostLord, on Sep 23 2016 - 03:25 AM, said:


Again, to me, they have to optimize heavily the product. If F1 2016 and AC maxed out can run with no hiccups on a ATI HD Radoen 5770, I don't see why RF2 can't.

I'm in exactly the same situation, I can run DX11 titles super smooth on triple screens with decent detail and frame rates, rF2 I get massive stuttering on a single screen on the lowest detail with no other cars on track.....totally unplayable.

Apparently rF2 currently doesn't like older AMD card like yours and mine (Radeon 7870), presumably when they move it to DX11 it'll make a huge difference for us.... if you can wait that long :idunno:

Then there's a whole load of other things they need to fix..... some car / track combinations are fantastic, some are dismal, and everything in between. The content is all over the place, it doesn't feel like a cohesive product the way the official content in Assetto Corsa does.

And then there's the spooky looking flagmen, Renault Clio pace car in 1966, no rain on visor / windscreen, having to use a text editor to access some pretty important settings, lack of the electronic systems found on most modern race cars and having to use rF2 gamey ABS and traction control, basic transmission model (all those missed shifts in the Lola / Howston).... so many little details annoy me about rF2, which is a shame because on paper it's the best sim out there by miles.

But the bottom line: I just don't enjoy driving it as much as more "basic" sims like Dirt Rally, F1 2016, Assetto Corsa and of course GPL. Even if it was full of historic race cars and tracks it might not be enough to make me give up GPL.

These videos sum it up for me, which game would you rather play?




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#19 one2fwee


    Denny Hulme

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Posted Sep 23 2016 - 02:24 PM

Yes, I agree, the optimisation of RF2 is really quite bad. Whether they improve this when the move to dx11 will remain to be seen - I would guess unlikely but hopefully I am wrong. I'd much rather a move to vulkan - they'd have an opportunity to re-write things in a much more optimised way and also free up the cpu overhead so they can do more with the physics and the gpu isn't bottlenecked. It would also drastically improve the multi-gpu situation.
Mind you it's probably a bit early for vulkan but it still seems a bit of a waste going to dx11, considering that still has CPU bottlenecking problems.

The whole engine just seems really unoptimised to me tbh.

That said, the base physics and what they are trying to actually do seem some of the most advanced that there is.

But like you say, a lot of details are missing. I mean, safety cars with historical content, come on! No pitboards and stuff either.
That all comes with part of making a season of period content though, rather than just a mish mash of odds and ends.

#20 Gui


    Denny Hulme

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Posted Sep 23 2016 - 06:35 PM

rF2 circuits lack atmosphere and have so many areas or trackside buildings with unnecessary amounts of polygons that could be invested on the racing surface. Unoptimized DX9 processing. The color palette and atmosphere are depressing. Tire pressures, temperature and camber are still incomplete. Some artists are stubborn and can't accept not being right. Terrible audio. Etc. But it's still the current game where, under Luminis leadership, we can find a home for historic and endurance racing.

I don't have data and setup sheets to back me up but I know chassis behavior and how they are setup aren't right. Myself and a guy who was a mechanic in the 60's would make the argument about how soft everything was and the excessive movement, with poor tire performance and wrong pressures, but it was perennially overlooked. Yet some guys love to claim it's like the real thing. The GPL community is the best to provide reference to historic content so, Lord, people like you should post making the argument and presenting your facts about the cars. It's the only way to drive change especially with a new owner who is a proper sim racer, invested in the platform and better suited to making decisions about the game than the previous.

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