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Assetto Corsa's Minimum Shifting Times & H-Shifter

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Posted Oct 26 2018 - 09:10 PM

To anyone plays Assetto Corsa, and interested about the minimum possible shifting times with H-Shifter, here is a video I drove from last month, assists setting on Pro:

About this video:
Since I don't have a real H-Shifter, the H-Shifter mechanic is simulated by using a virtual joystick driver known as vJoy , and combining with a programmable feeder FreePIE to interact with vJoy.

I wrote some simply code to simulated H-Shifter with a 8-button setup (as a request from my friend, since he discovered the disadvantage of paddle shifter with AC's built-in auto-clutch), with a fully automated conditional auto-clutch script (similar to how sequential works) and minimum delay that the game allows without burning and damaging clutch/engine. So when I pressed the shift key, the script will immediately engage clutch and release any pressed gear buttons (return to neutral). Next the script will wait a very short amount time (to avoid damaging clutch) and then auto shifting into the next gear (press gear button), and finally auto-releasing clutch to complete the process.

And from my testing, this required minimum delay is extremely short in AC (script looped less than 10 times for one shifting to complete, so I'd guess maybe like 5ms?), and with such high shifting speed, one doesn't require to lift throttle at all, which in the end results the super fast shifting, absolutely no delay on speedometer (beaten the fastest time on RSR timing at the time with my crappy driving skill, without this script I was 1 sec slower). Real H-Shifter have the same speed advantage (one of my friends demonstrated to me, although not as fast as the above auto script shows).

I've also tested this in rfactor 2, and glad that RF2 doesn't have any speed advantage gained from using H-Shifter (my friends also confirmed this).
I personally believe this is a design flaw in AC's shifter simulation, if anyone feels the same, please help forward the issue to developers.
And feel free to ask me question, thanks for reading.

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