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Help With Carsets

Yesterday, 11:12 PM

Posted by Old Bruce Mclaren in GPL-"Help! I'm having trouble with..."
I dont know how to run carsets,i installed the historical carsets with the historical mods and when i want to run a race the game says "could not load the track cancelling the weekend" what i haveto do?

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Coming Back To Gpl, Maybe.

09 Jul 2020

GPL was my nirvana for quite awhile, there just wasn't anything else. But eventually I had issues with trying to get it to work right in Windows 7, mostly audio issues.Also ran in the Mybroga League, If anyone remembers it.
I still have my GPL box and all its mint info on the inside including the disc, bought it from Electronic Boutique.
Well I saw that newly redone Spa and something inside said you have to try it again!
I went to GPL world and downloaded the installer as well as GEM, and of course the newly redone Spa.
My question is during install it asks what content should be installed and there are a lot of options. What should be checked off as far as content?
Its been a long time and I thought modern sims would eventually replace GPL, but after seeing the updates maybe I'll come back and stay,
There is just something special about 1967. It sure was a special time, and I don't think we'll see the likes of it again.
The closest thing I've seen is the SCCA Runoffs.

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Alfa Vs Porsche Cup At Ukgpl

Yesterday, 06:44 AM

Posted by Cookie in GPL-"Hey, anyone need a racer?"
Alfa vs Porsche Cup at UKGPL

is moved to Fridays 20:45 UKST

Hello fans of the 2011 Porsche Cup we create a successor series for the fans of maximum FUN

Alfa vs Porsche Cup – Round 1 - Goodwood 17.07.2020

Minimum racefuel for Works drivers - 38 laps:
  • Alfa T33 = 23 gallons (87 litres)
  • Porsche = 24 gallons (91 litres)
Posted ImagePosted Image



10 races - 3 long and 7 short tracks - int mode

5 x Alfa T33 +  5 x Porsche 910 - must be used
Works driver get a 10 Gal handicap

We race with 60fpsV2newmod at iGOR - Training server is up

Get the info + rules and register here: https://www.simracin...77782#msg377782

All Ladies + Gentlemen are invited to join us :drive1:

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Castle Combe 1955 Mod

09 Jul 2020

Having defeated Fangio at Monza and Spa, I thought I had mastered the 1955 Mod. However, it is much tougher, harder even I think than the original 1967 sim, on the tighter circuits because of the necessity to deal with brake fade.
   I am now concentrating on Crystal Palace and Castle Combe, two circuits that I know well in different ways. I saw Jochen Rindt win a Formula 2 race at the former and I raced at the latter.
   The GPL creation of Combe is unusually accurate. The section between Folly and the exit of Quarry, one of the most demanding parts of any circuit in the world, is especially well modelled, just as I remember it (that is me exiting Quarry in my avatar). I have only two gripes:
  • The contrast is not as sharp as on other circuits.

  • The AI are hopelessly slow. I have got below 1m 8s but they are at least seven seconds off that, so if I did a race I’d probably lap them all twice. Is there a way to tweak AI permanently for one circuit or is it necessary to adjust AI Speed in GEM+ and then reset it afterwards?

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What Track Is It?

09 Jul 2020

This is a question from Facebook group by Larry Manch.


Back in the early 2000s, I participated in a GPL team competition. Track makers produced a whole series of new venues specifically for these races. One guy asked for participants to send in pictures of family, etc, and he placed the images at key points around the track.
My kids were small then; I sent their pictures in, and the designer placed them outside one of the slow corners; they were clearly visible as you drove through the turn.
I can't recall the name of that track, or the competition name. Does anyone on this page remember this? I no longer have the ability to run GPL, so I can't find it that way. I'd love to find it on YouTube. Any help is appreciated!

I remember I drove the track with those pics, I just don't know which on was it. Can you help?

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