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Want Original Sounds After Installing With Gplps Installer, Bug?

Today, 03:12 AM

Posted by Niels_at_home in GPL-"Help! I'm having trouble with..."
Hiho chaps,

Long time no see! (1.5 decades to be precise)..  Hope all of you are doing great and that the worst that has happened to us is the appearance of an increasing number of grey hairs.. :-)

Since GPL is now 20 years old I kinda want to revisit it for some nostalgia. Of course mods made GPL great, but I want to go back to 1998 so that means no mods! Just Dx7 or OpenGL to make it work on my 'modern' PC.

Using the GPLPS installer is easy, but I think there is a bug when you don't install the custom sounds. You can't assign controls or click 'ahead' to load the track. Putting custom wav files in the sounds folder makes it work. With just the original sound.dat file in there, it doesn't work.

I guess this is because originally GPL didn't have unique sounds for all of the cars, and some patch made it possible to load WAV files for each car. I think this patch is applied even if you only install GPL without any extra's in the GPLPS installer. Then it can't find the WAV files and refuses to work.

Anyway, I would most like to have the original sounds (poor as they are..) back in there. I guess I either have to somehow reverse this car sound patch, or unpack the sound.dat file somehow and make copies of the original sounds for each car...

Any tips how I can achieve this pure old school stock sound GPL experience?

Niels Heusinkveld

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Need Help With Gpl Error

19 Oct 2018

tried running GPL but i keep getting an error has occurred form which gem cannot recover message

checking the error file i get this

*** Error Message ***
Invalid procedure call or argument in RunApp

see attached file for the complete log

also if it helps im running

intel i7 4770k @ 3.5 ghz

16 gig ram

nvidia  gtx1070 card

win 10 64 bit

Any idea what it means or how to fix this thanks

GPL was running fine the other day when i last played it

if not ill have to reinstall yet again

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Request For Igor Bmp Icons

20 Oct 2018

Would some kind soul please U/L their complete set of iGOR icons for the various mods?  Since I am only recently getting online. I had previous deleted all of the icons.
Thanks in advance for your assistance.  :)

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F1 2018

20 Oct 2018

Posted by Ralonso in News & Announcements
Hello Everybody!

Last week I thought it would be challenging to do a F1 2018 Carrer, as I'm not yet very competitive cause of only little practice. Anyway, I did a teaser Video About it, to inform my viewers about the team I would drive with and all the gameplay settings I would choose as a challenge!

Here you can see the video, that of course I did commenting in English :P :P :P :https://www.youtube....h?v=V-U-UU_sqh8. Enjoy!

So MAYBE we plan to start soon!

Nice time!



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Trail Braking

20 Oct 2018

Posted by twinpotter in Motorsport Chat
Interesting video.


Felt it needed sharing here. Give us your thoughts. Wrong or right 🤔


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