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Great New Video Tutorials: How To Install Grand Prix Legends?

Yesterday, 09:30 AM

I came across these two recently uploaded video's that show the complete proces on how to install Grand Prix Legends with and without a disc.
They also include the required steps to setup GEM+ and iGOR for online racing.

The channel does not have a lot of subscribers at the moment, so it might not get much exposure.

Installation wtih CD:

Installation without CD (using 2004 demo):

I thought these could be really usefull to add them to linkpages for new players.
GPLlinks.org uses the 2014 video by Dannykarnage, which is still good, but does not show the actual installation proces and setup.

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Can Anyone Explain How To Make The Chapparal 2F Wing Work?

Today, 10:57 AM

I know how it works, but I'm trying to understand how to get it to properly work. I've noticed that the wing usually just gives me extreme understeer and nothing more. I've tried to find ways to take advantage. Like, using the downforce for turn in, then flatten the wing on the exit to slingshot myself, but I'm not seeing much improvement. Is this where modifying the max angle helps manage the car?

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G P L Links Now On Github

Today, 10:55 AM

G P L Links Now on GitHub

Until recently, the gpllinks.org backdoor featured a custom utility created many many years ago by a GPLer coded in Python 2.

Python 2 is now obsolete, unsupported, and poses a security threat to any server or user.

Something had to be done or gpllinks would be gone or archived in a way that would make it functional but impossible to edit.

The easiest solution was to use GitHub, (thanks to all who offered help), which allowed for easy transfer of all working links, and the web html presentation we see currently when opening gpllinks.

GitHub is not something I know anything about. Our friend ridcully set this up.

This is a good thing because unlike the previous gpllinks there is now a lot more that can be done, similar to any other website.

All gpllinks needs now is enthusiastic, dedicated talent to make it happen.

Anyone with interest in GitHub, website development, programming, Grand Prix Legends, and in maintaining the links would be very welcome.

Because, there is no one else who will be doing anything unless someone steps up.

Anyone working on Mods, tracks, or utilities, or who just wants to help out, is welcome to promote recognition of their efforts, and those of others, by contacting me (for the moment), and joining the GPL Links Team as an administrator.

Finally, have been team leader of gpllinks team for going on 12-years.
Every time there was an election I won again.

Now retired and am not running.

Someone else will have to take over or no future changes will be made to the links on gpllinks.

Hopefully, some from the Repository and some regulars from these forums will step up on behalf of Grand Prix Legends and all who enjoy our sport.

Maintaining the links is too much of a job for one person.

Any with interest, please PM.


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Gpl69X Missing Brm Textures At South Africa

Today, 02:30 AM

Posted by MrDarkSide in GPL-"Help! I'm having trouble with..."
Hello everyone!

So I installed the 69 and 69X mods again yesterday and found something that has not happened to me before. In South Africa, the textures for Surtees and Oliver were missing. They appear to be in place for other races (including Spain), so it's just related to the c01 folder.

Now, for the other mods, this would be a fairly easy diagnostic, since it's probably a missing 3DO or MIP that's in question. But I find the 69X mod a little confusing, given that there are two folders (cars69 and 69xtra) and I haven't really figured out the difference between them.

Nevertheless, there is, from what I can see using RaceCon, correctly named 3DO and MIP files for Surtees and Oliver in the DAT file in the cars69/c01 folder. There are also a MIP and 3DO for Oliver in the 69xtra/c01 folder but only a 3DO for Surtees, but since the problem arises for both Surtees and Oliver, I guess that's not a problem.

I tried changing the graphics settings in the drvc69 file as well, but that didn't work either.

Can anyone help me out here? It would be much appreciated.

Thanks in beforehand.

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Missing Green And Red Squares On The Screens

03 Jul 2020

Hi Guys , today when I started the Game thru GEM+ with all settings as usual, but the Game started in 640x480 Resolution.
I play usually in 4K.
Somehow when I run the Car in  the Game is in 4K Mode.
But the Game Screen for Options or Track selection misses the lower Part with the Green and Red Squares.
Any Idea what causes this.
Thanks for Help

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