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AtlasF1 American Oval Division - Season 17 Schedule & Rules

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Posted Apr 02 2008 - 09:33 AM

a. Schedule

American Oval Division - Season 17 Schedule
# Date Track Event Mod Practice Happy Hour Race Laps PitStops
1 21/04/2008 DaytonaBR Race COT/BGN 60m 5m 40% 80 1x
28/04/2008 OFF
2 05/05/2008 California Revamped 2008 Race COT/BGN 60m 5m 40% 100 1x
12/05/2008 OFF
3 19/05/2008 Atlanta BR Race COT/BGN 60m 5m 40% 160 1x
26/05/2008 OFF
4 02/06/2008 Bristol Revamped Race COT/BGN 60m 5m 30% 150 1x
09/06/2008 OFF
5 16/06/2008 Lowe´s Night BR Race COT/BGN 60m 5m 40% 134 1x
23/06/2008 OFF
6 30/06/2008 Talladega Revamped Race COT/BGN 60m 5m 40% 75 1x
07/07/2008 OFF
7 14/07/2008 Watkins Glen (NR2003) Race COT/BGN 60m 5m 45% 41 1x
21/07/2008 OFF
8 28/07/2008 North Carolina - The Rock Race COT/BGN 60m 5m 40% 157 1x
04/08/2008 OFF
9 11/08/2008 Chicagoland Race COT/BGN 60m 5m 45% 120 1x
18/08/2008 OFF
10 25/08/2008 Indianapolis Revamped Race COT/BGN 60m 5m 45% 72 1x

b. Championship
Drivers will receive standard NR2003 points. All races will count, as in real life NASCAR. If somebody can´t participate in some events, ask for a Provisional and you will receive 5 point less than the last driver that raced. All drivers are allowed to ask for 2 Provisionals per season.

Teams of 2 or more drivers are accepted. In any case, each Team will receive as many points as the best classified driver of that team received in each event.

c. Races
All sessions will consist of a 60m Practice followed by a race, as defined in the Schedule.

Start time at 24:30 GMT , 19:30 EST/ 20:30 EST5EDT
We will be hosting practice races in the OFF days.
Practice: 19:30 EST
Qualifying 20:30 EST
Warmup (HH) 5 mins
Race 50 mins (approx)
Tire Wear= 1X
Hard core=OFF
Full pace lap=ON
Setup=FIXED <expert>
Weather=Day/70/Clear/No wind
Mod in use: SSNET´s COT mod with GNS physics (DOWNLOAD IT FROM THIS THREAD !!). Also UPLOAD YOUR CAR ASAP. If you can´t paint it, post the request here !!! I will do it 

Season 17 IP
Password will be the same as we've been using.

d. Startime
We will race on Mondays, starting the Official Practice at 24:30GMT (19:30 EST, 20:30 EST5EDT).

e. Chassis of Choice
Free choice. Can be changed during the season. Each driver MUST provide his car or cars BEFORE the season starts.

No chatting is allowed after the official practice starts. Only standard NR2003 messages are allowed, though you can tweak then at will, as long as the PIT-IN and PIT-OUT messages are there when you need them. If it would be possible, leave the 'sorry' for the post race comments.

g. Incidents and other related stuff
We use the standard NR2003 rules. As all drivers must, well, drive, no penalties are deleted by the Boss. If you receive a black flag, try to clean it using the standard procedures, as indicated by the spotter. If it does not work, race is over for you.

h. Post race reports
All drivers are encouraged to post his comments about each race, either positive or negative. However, we will not tolerate any flame war here. All protests about incidents must be emailed to me right after the race with a copy of the replay from the incident/s. No exceptions to this rule, period.
If anybody would want to discuss an incident in public, it is ok, BUT keep flames out of the thread. That discussion/analysis must be useful to avoid other incidents, not to find a guilty of charge.

If you have any doubt or question, shoot

All other AtlasF1 Legends League rules are in effect.

For more information, check our forum at RaceSimCentral:


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