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Lbgpl Vs. Gplracer / 21.10.2020 / F1 1965 Mod / Österreichring (Zeltw71) / Re-Match

Today, 01:08 PM

Posted by Stefan Roess in GPL-"Hey, anyone need a racer?"
LBGPL vs. GPLRACER / 21.10.2020 / F1 1965 Mod / Österreichring (zeltw71) / Re-match

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All are welcome. This is not just an alien race, because extra team finishing points are rewarded.
You can also take part if you were not in the previous League vs. League race.

Hello RACER!

Jean-François Bovy (Jieffe) of LBGPL (Ligue Belge de Grand Prix Legends) and Paul Skingley and me of GPLRACER have organized a re-match League vs. League race.

This is the race announcement for the Inter League Race between

The event will take place on the Österreichring (zeltw71) 1971 track, using the F1 1965 GPL mod (free car choice).

The race server will run at 36 FPS.

The races will run on intermediate settings. Each driver is allowed a maximum of 2 resets (Shift-R).
In the event of a reset, irrespective of fault, no stop & go must be performed.

Date: 21.10.2020, Wednesday
Time: 20:30 CET (German time) / 19:30 GMT (UK time)
Mod: F1 1965 (free car choice) http://65f1.gplworld.de/
Track: Österreichring (Zeltw71) 1971 http://gpltd.bcsims.com/?sbtd=zeltw71
Qualification: 30 min.
Race: 45 min.
FPS: 36 FPS (please untick 60 FPS in GEM+)
Damage Model: Intermediate (maximum 2 x Shift-R, no stop & go)
iGOR Chatroom: #GPLRACER

A practice server will be hosting the track and mod occasionally on iGOR. Please check iGOR if it is available (or ask an admin to host it) and practice online.

On race day we all meet in the iGOR chatroom #GPLRACER
The password will be given in the iGOR chatroom #GPLRACER and posted on the forum for late comers.

Points Scoring:
For positions 1-19:
30 - 25 - 21 - 18 - 16 - 14 - 13 - 12 - 11 - 10 - 9 - 8 - 7 - 6 - 5 - 4 - 3 - 2 - 1

Extra Points:
3 Extra Points for each driver who can finish the race, provided you do not finish more than one lap down. You have 2 resets – they may be worth using to score team points.

If we have an uneven number of drivers from each team the numbers will be evened up after the race. E.g. if we had 10 LBGPL and 9 GPLRACER drivers the last placed LBGPL won't count.

If you should have any questions, please ask.

Please post here if you want to race for one of the teams:

GPLRACER thread:

LBGPL thread:

SRMZ thread:

If we should have a total of more than 19 drivers, we can also run on two servers.
The results of both grids will then be combined to produce the overall winner (points from Grid A + Grid

Your GPLRACER admins


GPLRACER drivers so far (list will get updated):
Paul Skingley
Stefan Roess
Pedro vd. Berg
Piero Mercaldo
Doni Yourth

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If 'aliens' Drove The 1955 Mod

Today, 01:03 PM

I like the 1955 Mod of GPL. I feel that it suits my driving style best. The cars have little grip and poor brakes that fade easily. You have to cope with it and avoid sliding around too much and you have to avoid getting the brakes too hot. Cars were like that when I started driving.
   It is disappointing that ‘aliens’, ie the people who are inexplicably, impossibly fast, seem not to have had a go at the 1955 Mod. They have all moved on to other sims, I suppose.
   I can usually get close to or even below the 1955 times registered for circuits in GPLRank. Sometimes well below... For example, the GPLRank best time for the W196 at Osterreichring (Zeltw71) 1971, one of my favourite tracks... Before going onto the circuit I changed a few chassis settings. Then I did half a lap, returned to Setup, changed the gearing and drove a few laps.
   My first flying lap was just under the GPLRank record (2m 7.257s). Since then, after perhaps 100 laps and various alterations to setup and gearing, I have got down to 2m 4.61s. The virtual Fangio’s best effort so far is 2m 4.45s. I am confident that I can shed at least one more second, perhaps even get below 2m 3s.

But I wonder what time an ‘alien’ would do.

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Ranking The Gpl Mods By Physics Accuracy

26 Sep 2020

How would you rank the following mods according to the accuracy of the physics:
1955, 1965, 1966, 1966 can am, 1967, 1967x, 1967 F2, 1967 sportscars, 1967 Formula Libre, 1968, 1969x, 1971 can am?

Also, how does the rFactor 2 Brabham BT20 compare in accuracy to the GPL mods?


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Pc To Pc Over Local Lan - Can It Be Done?

26 Sep 2020

Posted by Tobodestroyer2020 in GPL-"Help! I'm having trouble with..."
I have a PC for GPL :)

My son also has a PC for GPL :)

We are in the same house and connected to the same router :)

BIG question... Can we play GPL together, and if so, how?

Iv'e tried hosting and entering IP addresses etc. but everything just times out. Sure this must be possible. If so, could someone point me in the right direction?

Thanks in advance.


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Problem With Modified Spa

29 Sep 2020

Yesterday, the modified Spa was working perfectly. Today I cannot get into it in the 1955 Mod. I checked and it still works for 1967.

What happens is this:

1) I click on "TRAINING" or "SINGLE RACE", select the modified Spa and click on the green button.
2) After a few seconds, a popup informs me "COULD NOT INITIALIZE THE REPLAY SYSTEM". I click "OK".
3) Another popup: "CANCELLING THE WEEKEND".

Boo! Is there a simple solution to this?

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