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Williams Movie

14 Sep 2017

Posted by twinpotter in Motorsport Chat
Another F1 movie like the Mclaren film. By BBC films the story of Williams and the teams historical journey 😊

Here is the trailer on YT.



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Curiosity, Why I (And Others) Have Guy Ligier In The Profile?

17 Sep 2017

Posted by Antlab in Member Feedback
Hi all.
Just a curiosity from a recent member. Only today I noticed that I, and also others posters, have "Guy Ligier" in the profile, but I did not find the reference to the famous pilot in the page where I can edit my profile. Maybe is a sort of geographical reference (I am from Italy, quite close to France in a worldwide perspective) or are there other, more subtle or more casual, reasons?

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Old Patch For Increasing Replay Font Size, Where?

12 Sep 2017

Hi all.
After many years I was able to reinstall GPL starting from the file of the GPLPS. Now it works well, but I have a problem. I use a 27" monitor at a resolution of 1920*1080. At this resolution GPL is quite beatiful, but the problem is that the font in the replay window is very small, almost unreadable. I found some links to an old patch by Wilf Tonsmann that should be able to increase the font size, but when I follow the link I obtain the sad 404 page. Do you know if the patch is still available somewhere or if there is some suitable alternative? I also tried to drecrease the resolution of the sim with GEM+, but the results are not good with my monitor, and furthermore the font in the replay windows seems remaining small.

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Driver's View Adjustment Question.

15 Sep 2017

Hello there.

Is it possible to adjust vertical position of driver's point of view for individual car without some in-depth knowledge of 3do files editing? I suppose not, but I'll ask anyway.

Spending again some more time with '71 CanAm mod lately, and watching photos of the real M8F I came to conclusion that either fences in the cockpit 3D model were modelled a tad too high, or driver's position is a tad too low (I have no complaints about external model), making spotting the lower cars driving door to door with me almost impossible. I'd love to elevate the view point a little higher. I know I can do it globally via GPLShift, but I don't want to mess up all other cars and mods (have been using a single install for all GPL content).



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Crashing On The Monza Banking (Not In The Fun Way) - Gpl.exe Has Stopped Working

13 Sep 2017

Posted by BorderReiver in GPL-"Help! I'm having trouble with..."
Hey Guys,

I wonder if any of you help me with an infuriating technical problem.  I've just installed the '55 mod and I'm trying to get used to these beasts.  I thought I'd race a Grand Prix at the Monza 10k.  Anyway, I lost it under breaking at Parabolica and my plucky little Connaught slammed the inside guard rail and turned over . . .  Ho hum . . .

So I thought "I've got nothing else to do, may as well watch the race unfold".  So I did.  For a few laps.  Then, whilst watching from the TV1 Camera with my focus on Stirling Moss GPL Crashed to desktop on the second banking.  Frustrating.

Anyway, I restarted and tried again.  This time I tangled with Luigi Musso at Curva Grande and we both retired.  Again I thought "Let's see what happens", so I watched the race again, this time with TV1 focused on Farina.  Again, half way round the 2nd banking (pretty much exactly where the camera pans down to look directly on top of the cars), Crash to Desktop.

I tested it again, and a third time it happened.

I've not run GPL on this laptop for a long time, but last time it was able to cope ok with a full field (Spa '67 stuttered and flickered but I installed the low res pack and it's been fine since).

Anyone got any ideas what could be causing this?  Or has anyone experienced similar?

Any help would be very much appreciated.  It seems I'm having a crash to desktop when watching the field at exactly the same point.

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