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Nvidia Profile Inspector For Geforce 6200 On 32Bit Xp

02 Oct 2022

Posted by quattr020V in GPL-"Help! I'm having trouble with..."
I have tried loading v, but it is rejected.
This could be due to at least 1) it's for 64bit machines etc
or    2) my GeForce 6200 does not appear on its list.

Anyone have a suitable version which I could try?

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Assigning Steering Wheel Buttons For Chapparal 2F Wing Control

02 Oct 2022

Posted by quattr020V in GPL-"Help! I'm having trouble with..."
Is there a patch for this?
At present I can only adjust this in the Setup Panel of the Mod.

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Grand Prix 3 - White Textures

01 Oct 2022

Good day all,

Recently got back into (retro) simracing and tried installing GPL and GP3.
GPL is working like a charm and it is wonderful to finally enjoy this sim with a wheel after 24 years.

For GP3 I followed a guide by Ted Meat on how to install GP3 under Windows 10 but I always end up with broken white textures on the car and track.
In software mode the game runs fine but it looks like its in 8 bit color.
In hardware mode without dgvoodoo2 it looks fine but is very slow.
In hardware mode with dgvoodoo2 it gives me the white textures.

I tried registering on the grandprixgames forum twice but didnt receive any activation so i guess that forum, although still online, is pretty dead.

I hope anyone can help me with this, thanks.

Im doing this on a relatively new laptop, a lenovo ideapad 3 17alc6 with a Ryzen 5500u (2gb vram) and 12gb ram.

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1.screen Lap Times In Training And 2.gplsm - Where Are Setup Files Exported To?

27 Sep 2022

Posted by quattr020V in GPL-"Help! I'm having trouble with..."
1. I noticed today that the lap times for training  seem to freeze. This is on the Goodwd65 circuit

They appear initially, and are displayed for a few laps, but then freeze, and are displayed in white. No fastest sector times are highlighted.
The Pitboard shows when I approach the pits  but the displayed times when they are working are usually only updated after passing the start/finish line.

2. I have been using GPLSMv2.7.0 to edit the setup files, and have noticed there is an  Export option to send a text format setup file to somewhere else.
only problem is - I cannot find the txt files I have exported. I must say I have not investigated the format of the e.g. *.gm1 etc.They don't go to the Setups folder as in the basic GPL setup export process.

3.If I use the fine tuning button say for diff angles, an intermediate setting say 65/25 produces !!!!! in the appropriate field in the main program having used Gem to start it. It's inconvenient, as I the have to exit to look at setup manager. I cannot minimise the GPL window. If I press the Windows key, the desktop is visible, but not really accessible.

Any suggestions?

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Problem Going From Igor To Gem

25 Sep 2022

Posted by Bob Simpson in GPL-"Help! I'm having trouble with..."
I’ve had a long time problem going from iGOR to GEM. When I hit the GEM button in iGOR I get a message “Failed to launch GEM+”.  Does anyone else get this or does anyone have an idea why it happens or have a solution?

I have GPLSecrets in C:\Games\Sierra Utilities\GPLSecrets and the folder and file properties look OK.

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