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No Ffb With G27 Wheel-Solved By Unplugging Uneeded Peripherals

19 May 2018

Hi,I am an old timer of GPL but a lousy driver lol.

I am using windows 10 latest upadtes and I can' t seem to get the ffb working.

I have it enabled in core.ini and in gem 2.

I have gplshift installed,that picks up my g27 shifter fine.

I tested the g27 and the ffb works when pressing the buttons.

Don't know how to fix this issue.

i am using the GPL latest installer.

I have the original gatefold GPL cd and packaging including the Steve Smith guide.

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Installed With Cd, Still See 'trial' Help Plz

20 May 2018

Posted by Transit in rF-General Discussion
Silly me I thought I did the decent thing and paid for a genuine CD of rFactor :)
Install goes fine but I seem to be stuck in the trial or pay thing.

I put a mod in and it doesn't show up.
I try to drive and get dumped to pay up screen.

Is some period of pain always necessary with these sims ? :)
cheers for any clues

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60 Fps

12 May 2018

Posted by Bob Simpson in GPL-Tools/Utilities
We should put this all in one place. I can't see a summary here of how to do it.

If there's any incorrect info here, let me know and I'll edit this post..

Get the 60fps files at SRMZ:



Then you put the 60fps patch files into the following folders...

Goes into...

Goes into...

You should enable vsync for 60fps in the GEM+ graphics options (Rasterizer button) and your graphics card setup and to make sure, in the core.ini, you should see:
VSync= 1

To take part on an race with 60fps, first you check the box in GEM+ after selecting the correct mod. Don't forget to uncheck it if you join a 36fps server!


Which version you use with which mod has mostly to do with AI performance and I think the following is correct:

60FPSv1    -> 69X and GT
60fpsv2newmod   -> 65, 66GP, 67, 67F2, CA66 and CA71

However, if you never race the AI, I don't think it matters. In fact you don't ned to replace the AI ini files if you only race online.


If you mismatch the right checkbox or forget to check, you won't get on the server (36 fps trying to join a 60 fps server) or get the "every 3sec flash" (60 fps joining a 36 fps server)

If you use the GPLRelay analyzer, you'll need the newest version to make sure that you can view and save 60 fps replays (v.7.91 beta I believe)

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Historic Monaco Grand Prix 2018 - Livestream

13 May 2018

Posted by snebka in Motorsport Chat
After two years is back popular historic Monaco GP! Known names include (for example Adrian Newey with his Lotus 72 Gold Leaf!)


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