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The Jim Clark Trust

15 Apr 2017

Posted by snebka in News & Announcements

There's an effort to crowdfund a proper museum to feature Clark's most famous Team Lotus race cars in addition to the memorabilia housed at the existing Jim Clark Room. Currently, the Jim Clark Trust has raised £85,000 (around $106,000 USD), but it's looking to get £300,000 to open the museum next year.

Major patrons for the Museum include legendary Scottish racing drivers Jackie Stewart, Allan McNish, Dario Franchitti, and David Coulthard, plus Goodwood's Lord March, and Lotus founder Colin Chapman's son, Clive Chapman. If you talk to any of these drivers, it's clear that Clark is an incredibly important influence.

From roadandtrack.com

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Track Ir Not Working With Gpl Shift

21 Apr 2017

I used 1.6 for the track ir reset view button (Controller 1,button 6), but when I pressed it,the view moved to the right and stayed there.

Ini is very confusing.

I used 1.MOU for the view as it says it's track ir compatible but nothing happens in game.

I'm confused by the g27 buttons and how they are numbered as well.

I saw someone put up a button map and the top red button is 6 but in GPL it is 7.

Anyone know how to get track ir going with gpl Shift?

I'm not very bright,can someone explain this to me?

;BUT = Select a game device # HERE, and buttons
;   below for LOOK LEFT/RIGHT 45/73/122 degress
;   (works also together with TrackIR support)  

;POV = Use Point Of View hat for LOOK LEFT/RIGHT:  
;   (works also together with TrackIR support)  

;   POV: GPL in CAR view:   
; | |   
;Left up = Look L   45degree (Standart)
;Left    = Look L.  73  " (New)   
;Left Down  = Look L. 122  " (New)   
;Right up   = Look R.  45  " (Standart)
;Right   = Look R.  73  " (New)   
;Right Down = Look R. 122  " (New)   

;MOU = Use the mouse for LOOK LEFT/RIGHT 0-122 deg.
;   (up to about 141 degrees in the Replay)
;   One right mouse button clik for Un/freeze  
;   the view - Double click for setting back to
;   front of view (0 degrees) in OFF mode   

;e.g: 3.BUT = Using 3rd game device buttons
; 2.POV = Using 2nd game device Point of view  
; 1.MOU = Using the mouse or TrackIR in Mouse  
; Mode (use only number 1 with .MOU)  
;   --------------------------------------------  

I just want my track ir to work.

Ini says track ir will work if you start it before GPL,it does not in my case.  

   ** Notice about TrackIR: **

;GPLshift+ will enable the TrackIR support if you  
;have started the TrackIR software (v4.0 or Higher)
;before running GPL - You can also use the buttons
;below for Quick 73/122degrees Left/R View together
;with TrackIR´s Look Around, but remember that
;"LookLRMaxAngle = " may not exceed 60 degrees if  
;you want to use "Look_Left73d_Button =" and
;"Look_Right73d_Button" Max. "LookLRMaxAngle = 100"
;for "Look_Left122Button =" "Look_Right122Button ="
;(same limit with TIR+POV)

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Billy Monger

19 Apr 2017

Posted by GrandPrixYannick in Motorsport Chat
Thought this is quite a topic to share.

In the last few days I regularly read in my newsfeed about this British F4 driver.
Last week he suffered an humongously terrifying crash in which he crashed into the rear a very slow going car at full speed.
An accident he could do little about.

So today the news came out that both his lower legs had to amputated.
A fundraiser has been made to support the family and help with funds for the treatment.
The aim is to get £260'000. It's the first day of the fundraiser and they already close to reaching the goal (at 23.00 CET).


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67 Historic Setups Feel Weird

17 Apr 2017

I am wondering if I even have the  default setups in the mod because my car shifts really quickly into fifth ,well before the end of the straights.
Also the cars are doing way slower lap times.

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Gem Will Not Reinstall

14 Apr 2017

Posted by Elijahroberson in GPL-"Help! I'm having trouble with..."
Since I too am suffering from the GEM Fatal Error bug, I decided to reinstall it. But when it tells me to select my directory, and I point it to the folder where the gpl.exe folder is located, it gives me the error message "Please adjust your gpl path. Setup could not find gpl.exe in selected directory". Anybody know whats wrong.

I see what happened, I have solved it. I removed the GPL secrets line from the directory and it worked fine.

Update: Now when trying to load tracks the game freezes, and GEM, according to task manager, has stopped responding.

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