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Replay Monza 1.26.500

Today, 11:39 AM


Anyone know where I can download Lotus-Monza <= 1.26.500 replays?
I'd prefer the one from Huttu, but they can't be found on GPLRank anymore :(

I want to merge and look it with mine...


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Query Error

Today, 01:12 PM

Posted by roberto teso in GPL Rank
I think there is a problem with GPLRank, both using Show World Records as much with Multiple Choice Hell, I can't see if there is a replay and there must be, for verified records replay is mandatory, and I have used it in the past, GPLRank from SWR gives me this error:

/php-pub/user.php: Query to retrieve track information failed.
1064: You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MariaDB server version for the right syntax to use near '' at line 3

This happens to me for any driver I look for the replay, I have not tried them all but quite a lot and in different categories (1967, 1965, GT, 69x).

Thank you for the great work you do for the community.

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Deadzone Gotcha When Switching Between Gpl And Rf1

Today, 01:00 PM

Posted by prize in rF-General Discussion
Since rF1 and GPL have different strengths, I use both.  When matching an rF1 track/car combination to the GPL version, I kept noticing front end wander in the rF1 car compared to the GPL car.  It took me forever to figure out what was going on.  It turns out to be very simple - the default controller dead zone is larger in GPL than in rF1.  No wonder the rF1 car with default settings seems more twitchy!

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Where To Find Gpl-Era Tracks And Mods For Rf2

16 Jan 2022

Posted by prize in rF-Tracks and Track Addons
Track similar to GPL's Monza, Monaco, Spa and Targa come with the default rF2 install.  The other tracks in the default rF2 install are from more modern times.

Where's a good place to find rF2 tracks similar to popular GPL tracks?

Also - is there a rF2 carset similar to the GPL 55 mod?

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When Does A Race Against Ai End?

14 Jan 2022

Today I was in a race against an AI field. The field was spread out and I was about midfield I came around the last bend onto the start finish straight with the AI leader right behind me. I noticed the finish flag waving ahead so rather than pulling over to let the leader past (I always do - honest :whistling: ) I booted it and crossed the finish line ahead of the lead car (phew I haven't been lapped!). All the flag men around the track were merrily waving their flags indicating the race had finished. But then I noticed my lap count was one lap short of the race distance - I should still be on my last lap! Obviously the chequered flag was for the leader. So I carried on still ahead of the lead car. When I came around to the pits next time ALL the AI cars were queuing up for the pits whereas these cars should have been heading around to take the flag. This doesn't seem to match up with what I know should happen in real life. As far as GPL is concerned does the race finish when the leader crosses the line?

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