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Multiple Player.ini Files In My Gpl Installation

Today, 02:18 PM

I'm doing some housekeeping with my bloated GPL installation.
As recommended, I've always made a separate driver for each mod, and named the driver in a way that is associated with each mod.
As a result, within my GPL/players folder, I have 12 subfolders named for each of my twelve mods.
Evidently with each new driver that's created, GPL/GEM creates a plaxxx.ini for each mod within each of those folders.

I'm assuming I can delete the plaxxx.ini files not associated with the folder/mod that they are in. Is that correct?

The other question I have is that the plaxxx.ini files are populated with my best times.

For example:
In my 1955 folder, there is a player.ini file that has the best practice and race times for each of the 1967 cars on all of the original GPL tracks.
In my 1965 folder, there is a player.ini file that has no times.
In my 1971CA folder, there is a player.ini file with practice and race times for each of the 1967 cars, but with times set on a wide variety of non-GPL tracks.
In my 1967 folder, there is a player.ini with practice and race times for each of the 1967 cars, but with some GPL tracks and some non-GPL tracks.
This is certainly not representative of all the times I've set, nor all of the tracks I've driven on in that "mod".

What's populating those driver.ini files, and why are they different?

Is it important to keep all of the drixxx.ini files (I'd like to retain the appropriate files?

Can I copy records from one driver.ini file to another for a more complete lap-time history?

My plan is to only have the following within each folder:
setups (folder)
player.bmp (my custom picture)

Will that be Okay?

Thanks for any insight you can provide.

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Request To Increase Drag Coeff Of 67X Mod And Reduce Tow Effect

Today, 12:06 AM

As a staunch member of the realism police.....

At Spa in 1967, Clark's Lotus 49 was clocked at 190mph just before the Masta kink. According to another source, the car was on the rev limiter at 193mph and with no longer top gears available (therefore being the maximum possible theoretical speed in a tow). In GPL's historic mod, I am able to reach 206mph and could go faster with a higher top ratio.

At the same event, the Ferraris were topping out at 187mph at the same point. I am easily able to take the Ferrari up to 193mph+ on default gear ratios. Over 200mph in a tow.

The Brabham should be about on par with the 49's top speed. Naturally the big fat Coopers should be somewhat down on this.

Since I am guessing the power is about accurate for all cars, this should be a matter of increasing the drag coeff proportionally for all cars. I am also reaching these crazy speeds when the cars ahead are mere specks in the distance, which doesn't require a degree in aerodynamics to realise it's not quite right...

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Jack Sellers Old Page

Today, 09:11 AM

anyone have a link to his page?

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Trouble Finding Targa Track Download

Today, 09:09 AM

I know where to find the download for the Targa track,but the links seem down.

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Today, 07:08 AM

Been watching gplaps on YouTube and decided to dust off my old pc and run GPL again

im running the 65FD car set on gem+ and driving the Honda,
19 AI  and AI speed set at 2

are my settings wrong?

the Honda tops out at about 140 mph but the AI are shooting past me at 180

blue flags and white flags permanently in the track men’s hands

what have I set up wrong?

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