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Gpl Maximum Bandwidth / Traffic In Kbit/s For Up-/download

Yesterday, 05:56 AM

Posted by Stefan Roess in GPL-"Help! I'm having trouble with..."
Hello guys

Does anone know what is the maximum Bandwidth / Traffic in kbit/s that GPL needs for up-/download?

I want to limit the amount of traffic that GPL is allowed to use on my server in my network.
What is the maximum bandwidth that GPL can use?

My connection (Cable DSL) speed is:
Download: 35000 kbit/s (35 Mbit/s)
Upload: 2000 kbit/s (2 Mbit/s)

We have the nice Bart Westra`s GPL page offering the bandwidth patch and infos on settings
but that does not help me that much.

Any ideas?


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Fairshift Or Sever Problem?

Yesterday, 11:52 PM

In the last time i changed from my old Momo Racing to Fanatec wheel.

No one button or paddle of the new wheel work into GPL.To change gear i use the ACT lab gear box  associated to the Fairshift program.

All work well until i play alone with GEM but when i join online race(both via Igor or GEM multiplayer) sometime there is a sobstitution of the gear box of the car.

i have had these cases:

CanAm66: i chose a car with 5 gear but only 2 work.Luckily in the mod exist a car with only 2 gear so i have changed the car.

55mod:i chose the Lancia but only 4 gear work.Again exist the Vanwall with 4 gear.

67mod.I chose the Brab and only 4 gear work but in this case don't exist a car with only 4 gear.

Someone have an idea on what happen?

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Amazing ! An Old Track Which Is Not A Copy From Gpl...!... This Is Feldbergring For Assetto Corsa

17 Jun 2018

Posted by db312 in Motorsport Chat
I've just seen this nice video on YouTrouble... Surprising isn't it...?...



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Le Mans 1967 .. The Greatest Race ?

16 Jun 2018

Posted by M Needforspeed in Motorsport Chat


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16 Jun 2018

Posted by Bo Bruce in GPL-Track Database
i am shocked!
tho never will i be able to create a track from scratch, seeing this video of Reims, compared to what we have in GPL (thank you to the track builder)
the elevation changes alone would make the GPL a very different experience ~


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