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A Tip For Comparing Gpl Setups

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Posted Jan 31 2020 - 04:52 PM

Hi all,

I often need to compare GPL setups, and although Waylons' comparison utility (available here: http://srmz.net/inde...335 ) is a really good tool, I've found another method which is available to Windows 10 users. Once you've learned the keypresses etc, it seems to be very quick. It also has the advantage that you see the setups with the data displayed in an organised way, using the GPL Setup Manager layout, instead of the straight list shown by Waylons' utility.

It uses the Windows 10 "Snip & Sketch" tool, which takes screenshots, and which a lot of people use (for example) to screenshot social media to quote other peoples' posts. "Snip & Sketch" was included in a 2018 update of Windows 10, and should be installed on all Windows 10 machines (look under "Apps".) If you can't find it on your PC, you can download it free from the Microsoft Store. (Whoever thought that anyone would ever see me recommending downloading stuff from Micro$oft!! :hysterical:)

The way I use it is as follows:

(1) Start up GEM, and select the first mod, car, and track that you want to study.

(2) On the left, select the setup that you want to compare. Then click the "Edit" button to display that setup in GPL Setup Manager. (Usually this will be your "base" setup that you might want to copy settings from later.)

(3) Now simultaneously press the  SHIFT + WINDOWS + S  keys to activate Snip & Sketch and take a temporary screenshot.

(4) You will see the screen colours darken, and your mouse pointer will change into a "crosshair" shape. You will also see some icons appear near the top of the screen. Use your mouse and left mouse button to highlight the section of Setup Manager showing the setup numbers that you're interested in. If you change your mind, you can click on the "Close" icon "X" near the top of the screen, and this will cancel the screenshot.

(5) As soon as you have highlighted the required area, release the mouse button, and the screen colours will go back to normal. You will also see a popup message in the bottom-right corner of the screen, telling you that the "snip" has been saved to the clipboard. The message will disappear after a few seconds, or you can click on the arrow icon to dismiss it immediately.

(6) Now close Setup Manager, go back to GEM, and select the mod, car and track of the second setup that you want to compare against.

(7) As before, go to the left of the screen and select the name of the second setup, and click on the "Edit" button to start Setup Manager and show the details.

(8) Now click on the Windows 10 "notification" icon in the bottom-right corner of your screen. The notification panel will slide out, and you should be able to see the message from "Snip & Sketch" that was displayed earlier. Click on it, and a window will open which shows your previous screenshot.

(9) You should now be able to move and resize both the Setup Manager window and the screenshot window so you can see them both side-by-side, and view both of your GPL setups. Obviously, if you want to, you can now edit the second setup to take some of the settings from the first, or even match it completely if that's what you need.

(10) When you've finished comparing/editing, simply click on the close ("X") button on the Snip & Sketch window, and it will shut down and discard the screenshot, without using any of your memory or disk storage space. However, if you want to save the setup screenshot, and even edit the image before it is saved, there are icons at the top of the window which will allow you to do this.

Looking at this post, it might appear that this procedure is quite complicated, but that's mostly because I've broken down the procedure into simple steps for people who may not have heard of "Snip & Sketch" before. As you learn the procedure, it becomes almost automatic and pretty fast.

I hope someone out there finds this useful. :thumbup: :wave:

Edited by Saiph, Jan 31 2020 - 05:12 PM.

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Posted Jan 31 2020 - 07:49 PM

I don't know how well it will work, if at all, in W10 but the old GPL Race Engineer (written for XP by Alison Hine's brother) still worked in Vista and Win7, though you couldn't associate the files to it so had to open the program then navigate to the setups.

#3 Bo Bruce

Bo Bruce

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Posted Jan 31 2020 - 08:25 PM

w10 user.. worked as you outlined ~ splendid!  thanks

#4 snafu


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Posted Feb 09 2020 - 05:57 PM

For W7 users it's called "Snipping Tool" and can be found under "accessories".

I use it all the time, just open and use ctrl-n highlight an area and you are good to go.

Very useful if you change the diff ratio. Just select another diff ratio and play with the gearing as required in set up manager.


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