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G 27 Not Working With Gpl

Yesterday, 03:16 PM

Posted by chris skepis in GPL-"Help! I'm having trouble with..."
Hi guys. I´ve been using the G 27 for a long time and it always workig fine with GPL. I was using the front USB port ( the one which is in front of the CPU). Then, someone told me if I plug the wheel on the port that is on the back side of the CPU it would be connected directly to the Mother Board and the response would be much more accurate. So I did. As soon as I switch on the computer, I had a notice that the driver has been installed successfully. I thought it was weird because I didn´t ask to install anything. Well, to make it short, When I started GPL It asked me to calibrate the wheel. I did all the calibration and it seemed to work. But now when I go to any track, just the wheel and gear work. The pedals are dead. I went back to calibration and the pedals work fine. back to the track and they´re dead again. Does any one knows what to do to fix it ? The wheel, gears and pedals still working perfect on rFactor, GTR2 and P&G. Only with GPL the pedals not working.

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F1 2018

16 Aug 2018

Posted by GrandPrixYannick in I Wanna talk about other Sims or Games
I've been quite a fan of the Codemasters's F1 series. I've been playing it for what must be over a thousand hours altogether. (my Steam says I played F1 2017 for +360 hours!!)
Career mode has always been a game mode for me that can really make me stick to games if they are good.

Since F1 2016 they have been developing the game significantly.
For F1 2017 I got quite hyped with the progress they have been making and the features that came with it. So much I pre-ordered it.

Now F1 2018 is not far away and once again I am really hyped and is it already in my game library.
The career mode looks even more immersive and complete than it has even been before.
Not only that, from watching the diaries they published, I notice that they push the game slightly further to sim racing, which is what I'm pretty excited about.
Here a few videos to watch:

Diary 1 (Interviews & Contracts):

Diary 2 (Research & Development revamp)

Diary 3 (Game Physics)
https://www.youtube....h?v=s4nn2KTZ0FQ (can only show two max so click on link)

So yeah, that said, any of you who are interested and what're your thoughts?

UPDATE: First bunch of reviews have come out, some have lauded it as the best F1 title yet.

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Yesterday, 03:30 PM

The installation of the mod66 version 1 don't work.When i click on the green button of GEM don't start and after few second the program crash.Appling the version 2 the situation becomes worst.

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Gplracer 55 Fun Cup Tuesday 21.08.2018 Zandvoort

Yesterday, 05:11 AM

Posted by Stefan Roess in GPL-"Hey, anyone need a racer?"

More details @ GPLRACER forum:

Posted Image


Zandvoort (zandvort)

GPLRACER 1955 Fun Cup

Posted ImagePosted Image


- 21.08.2018
- 20:30 CET
- 27 Runden [laps] -> ca. 45 min.
- Int/long mode (free use of Shift-R without penalty)
- iGOR Chatroom: #GPLRACER

Note: We do not use the 60 FPS patch on our server. Please untick the 60 FPS patch in GEM+ before you join our server.

55 Fun Cup 2018 Season (Rules, tracks, dates)

1955 mod download: http://srmz.net/inde...showtopic=11810
1955 track conversions & updates download: http://srmz.net/inde...p?showforum=189
-> I recommend to use the complete track folders!

GPL 1955 mod website: http://55f1.gplworld.de/
-> Install the 55 mod update patch, in case you haven`t done yet!

Ein GPLRACER-Server ist rund um die Uhr bei iGOR online.
[A GPLRACER server is online 24/7 at iGOR.]

Wenn du keine Rennliste in iGOR sehen kannst, stelle sicher, dass du die neueste IP hast. Siehe hier:
[If you don`t see a race list in iGOR make sure you have the latest IP. See here:]

[Time Zones]:

Anmeldung 55
[Sign up]


Grid 55

Track Download

If you have problems to get this track working download Paul`s complete track folder including Monaco Rocks (see some posts below).
Monacane is also included in "All addon tracks & updates for the GPLRACER 2018 season (2 GB)" (see link below).

Track Updates
-> The easiest way is to use the 55 track conversion complete folder by Greg Liebzeit (gliebzeit) to update the track with the 55 graphics updates (which give an extra 50s immersion feeling). The latest and best graphics updates available for that track are also included. Tip: Make a backup of your track folder in case you want to go back.

**DOWNLOAD** --> All addon tracks & updates for the GPLRACER 2018 season (2 GB)
Click here to download
(Or copy the link below and paste it in your browser)
-> now with the 1955 F1 mod fun cup tracks and updates

-> Use the very good default 1955 mod setups and adjust them to your liking.

Empfohlenes Fahrer Verhalten (GPL)
[Recommended Driver Behavior]


Start zone:   

Posted Image

Good luck & fun!
Stefan and Paul
(1955 Fun Cup Directors)

Posted Image Posted Image https://abload.de/th..._0005b79jfq.jpg https://abload.de/th...t_00070mksa.jpg https://abload.de/th...t_0008rtjbd.jpg https://abload.de/th...t_00130ukvg.jpg https://abload.de/th...t_0014w6kvb.jpg

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Ramp Angles And Clutches.

17 Aug 2018

Hi All,
Although I understand (Or at least grasp the concept) of power and coast ramp angles and clutches I have a question.

If I have for example a 45/50/3 set up on the Eagle it gives me locking %age of 14% for power and 13% for coast.

If I change to 55/60/4 It gives me the same locking %age of 14% and 13%.

Does the car handle any differently? I don't feel that it does but I'm not sure exactly what I'm looking for. :confused:

Thanks in advance.


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