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New Pc

21 Jul 2019

Posted by twinpotter in Your rig or Manufacturer's stuff
Hi everybody. I've finally bought my first desktop PC, after years of laptop gaming🤭

I've combined this with a classic Gaming feel.

So calling all Techsperts and GPL gurus. What do you think for GPL gaming and other gaming needs 🤔

Windows XP Home Edition Desktop PC
Really Fast Dual Core XP System.
Nice Midi Size Case. 2 Front USB 2 Ports
ABit AN52 Mobo. AMD FX62 Dual Processor
2.8mhz x 2 - 1mb x 2 L2 Cache.
3gb OCZ Ram. Seagate 250gb Sata Hdd
Very Nice Creative Labs SB 460 Sound Card.
Great When Plugged In To A Decent Sound System.
DvD Burner, DvD Re-Writer. Wi-Fi Ready.
Front & Rear Fans.
Fully Up to Date System. Installed Programmes
Panda Dome Security, IoBit Smart Defrag, Advanced System Care, Malware Fighter. Uninstaller. Microsoft Works 9, Microsoft Publisher 98. VLC Media Player. Nero Burning Software, Maxthon 5 Browser. .... and more .....  
MSI GTX 660 graphics with appropiate power pack
22" HP Monitor HD

I just need to add my keyboard/mouse and speakers system I've got all hidden away somewhere for this moment.

Cost £130 UK pounds. The tower and screen are like new, with no scratches or dents. Just need to plug and play. First I've got to tidy my room around to make space and put on my new workstation desk, with foldable chair (£30) Then I can start installing all my games including GPL. Which will be first.

I also got a personal and great connection with the seller who stated that channels of communication are always open if I need him for any advice. Very trusted person.

So can't wait until I get all this set up and situated in my room for some classic Gaming Including GPL 😁👍🙏


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Mod'67 Screens Add-Ons

18 Jul 2019

Posted by db312 in GPL-Misc' Addons
Hello everybody :)

Some pictures for the GPL main screen. As usual, it's not so easy to find good ones for the Lotus, the Eagle and the Brm...

Anyway... I hope you will enjoy them !  :wave:

Have also a look here... http://srmz.net/inde...85
And there... http://srmz.net/inde...85 ;)

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Mybroga S53

21 Jul 2019

Posted by mcmirande in GPL-"Hey, anyone need a racer?"

Mybroga empieza su 53º temporada!!

Mybroga is starting the 53th season!! (In English below)

Vamos a correr una División A con los autos originales de GPL los martes y una División B con el mod 1969x los miércoles.

En ambas divisiones vamos a correr en el modo "Intermediate-Long", con Shift-R permitido en toda la primera vuelta y después de eso solo en pits.

Los autos para la División B serán libres pero el mismo para cada piloto durante toda la temporada (Algunos pilotos de nivel A serán autorizados a correr en la B con BRM o algunos de los 4x4 del mod)

Los autos en la División A serán asignados según grupos de pilotos de acuerdo a su velocidad, como sigue.

G1 (pilotos con -40 or menos en GPLRank)

(1) Cada chassis puede ser usado dos veces, excepto Ferrari, Eagle y Lotus, que se pueden usar solo una vez.

(2) Alternativamente, el mismo auto (Cooper, BRM u Honda) puede usarse en todas las carreras.

G2 (pilotos desde 0 a -40 en GPLRank)

(1) Cada chassis puede usarse hasta tres veces, excepto Ferrari, Eagle y Lotus, que pueden usarse solo en dos carreras.

(2) Alternativamente, el mismo auto (Cooper, BRM, Honda, Brabham o Ferrari) puede usarse en todas las carreras.

G3 (pilotos con GPLRank positivo)

(1) Cada chassis puede usarse hasta tres veces.

(2) Alternativamente, el mismo auto (cualquiera) puede ser usado en toda la temporada.

Los pilotos que no tengan cuenta en GPLRank serán incluidos según su velocidad en alguno de estos grupos por los admins.

Si quieren inscribirse o tienen preguntas sobre la liga, no duden en mandarme un mensaje privado.

Salud y larga vida a GPL!!


Mybroga is starting the 53th season!!

We will race a division A with the original Papy cars at tuesdays and a division B at wednesdays with the 1969x mod.

In both divisions we will race in Intermediate-Long mode, with shift-R allowed only in the entire first lap and, after that, only in pits.

Cars of the division B will be free but the same along the season (some A-ish drivers will be assigned with a BRM or the 4x4).

Cars for the Division A will be assigned according to speed groups, as follows:

G1 (drivers with -40 or less in GPLRank)

(1) Each chassis can be used twice, excepting Ferrari, Eagle, and Lotus, once in the season.

(2) Optionally, the same car (Cooper, BRM or Honda) can be used along all the season.

G2 (drivers from 0 to -40 in GPLRank)

(1) Each chassis can be used three times, excepting Ferrari, Eagle, and Lotus, twice in the season.

(2) Optionally, the same car (Cooper, BRM, Honda, Brabham or Ferrari) can be used along all the season.

G3 (drivers with positive GPLRank value)

(1) Each chassis can be used three times.

(2) Optionally, the same car (anyone) can be used along all the season.

Drivers without GPLRank account will be included in some of those groups by the admins according to their speed.

If you wanna join us or have some questions about the league, do not hesitate in sending me a PM.

We are also in Facebook as Mybroga (Grand Prix Legends).

Cheers and Long Live GPL!! :)

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A Realistic Point Of View?

17 Jul 2019

"Realistic" point of view, sorry...  :mcqueen:

Is there any way to adjust only the driver's eye-point in the cockpit?  One that doesn't move the graphic of the driver's helmet or face?

Love this old gem but one of the things that has always bothered me is the default positioning of the driver's point of view.  It's a bit too high and too far back for my tastes.

Years ago I tried something - don't remember what it was - that moved the driver's eye-point, but it also repositioned the driver's head, resulting in it looking "detached" from his shoulders or further "embedded" into them.  Don't want that...

Also interested in anything that enables tilting the driver's view vertically.  For example, setting a fixed 10 or 15 degree down viewing angle from the horizontal.

I know this is a long shot, but the "giraffe view" in many of these cars is annoying me to no end.  Especially in the 1955 mod.  Love that mod but the driver's perspective is almost like standing on top of the fuel tank behind him as he drives, lol.


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