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Lotus 49 Wheel And Shift Knob For Sale

21 Jul 2017

Hi guys,

Came here to post this right after I found it and saw literally the first post come up about another (more genuine) Lotus wheel. Nuts.

Anyway, these guys sell all kinds of wheels including a not too shabby Lotus 49 wheel with shift knob. I don´t know the price, but it looks pretty good.

Posted Image


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Female F1 Drivers

24 Jul 2017

Posted by twinpotter in Motorsport Chat
With the recent success of women's sport,like Soccer,Rugby,Cycling and more recently the Cricket World Cup.
Would it be a great idea to have females compete in motorsport like F1 and other.
Or is this too sexist ?


TP 😃

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Recording Gpl Gameplay - Recommended Sotfware?

24 Jul 2017

Posted by Millennium in GPL-"Help! I'm having trouble with..."
I recently started recording video's on some mods for GPL. I used OBS for recording, but since I installed the latest update there is no way the record the GPL anymore. It just show a black screen with only sound. Previously I could press a hotkey and it would capture any window on the foreground but that doesn't work anymore. And because GPL can't be minimized or windowed I also can't add it as a 'gamecapture'.

The recording quality (especially at 60 fps) already wasn't that good or consistent with OBS, so I would like to move to something better. Doesn't really matter if the program is free or not, if it isn't too expensive and doesn't impact peformance much I'm happy with it.

Any recommendations or good experiences with other recording software?

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Friend On Fixed Income

20 Jul 2017

Posted by Old Simmer in GPL-"Help! I'm having trouble with..."
Hi All:

I have an online friend on fixed income that would love to try his hand at GPL, but the price that the game commands on eBay and Amazon is beyond his retirement income.  Didn't I see "somewhere" that there is a legal online version that can be downloaded and updated into the full game, or something like that?

If so, this might be something he can try his hand at.

Thanks for any input.

Old Simmer

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Keep Srmz Alive!

21 Jul 2017

over the years, Bill Cooper has made his servers available to us for FREE!
also hosts Speedgeezers, VROC and the Track Data Base.
when there is a problem, he's given me his personal ph# to call -
the other nite i was talking to him - at length about a small issue i was having with FTP
it got resolved and i asked "how much do i owe you?"   he replied "oh, $100 should cover it"

knowing Bill, his sense of humor would do something like that :)
but - now i'd like to see that we can go one better !

this is not mandatory, i'm only asking "IF" you can, to make a small donation to his "donate" location

no specific amount - whatever you can ...  i think we can blow his $100 out of the water :)

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