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Too Fast?

Today, 07:24 AM

Posted by John Woods in GPL-"Help! I'm having trouble with..."
Been wondering for a few days whether Grand Prix Legends might play better if things were slowed a bit.

Recently installed, (had installed), a 500GB SSD drive and a GTX 1650 Super(4GB). Can now reboot Win10 in about maybe less than 30secs.

Everything is blinkblinkblink.
The pace is frantic.

But, have been messing with fps issues ever since.

Found it is possible to drive on-line at 4fps and continue on until whatever is hanging up figures it out and gets things back to routine fps, (35.xx/36), as long as the car is on a straight it is not catastrophic.

Otherwise it is a time warp nightmare because FFB and steering control checks out as well. No hope if caught in the wrong place.

Or it gets so bad there is no going on.

The issue just comes and goes with no apparent consistency or correlation to graphics or track position., on-line or not.

So far no amount of tweaking, (4GB patch, Win10/Nvidia/GPL settings) has had much if any effect.

As hardware gets faster and faster is it possible some GPL issues are caused by things happening too fast?


How can things be slowed a bit to test that?

Or is this just yet another early morning silly idea?

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Server Ctd For 'some' Mods

Yesterday, 10:04 PM

after last race of normal 67mod all was fine, i've done nothing with the server.

tonite i was going to host for GPLF2 mod
got everything lined up (mod change in HOST setup etc) and pressed GO

the server shows the
GPL splash... F2 splash....and then BRIEFLY the screen to connect .. the place where you'd enter the IP if you wanted to JOIN but then Back to Desktop (CTD)

i had similar issues testing the 66 and 71 canAm mods , the 65 mod and the 69mod
going back to the 67 mod, it was ok!

back to F2.. CTD

i just resorted to a new install of GPLF2.. but still got CTD - so now i'm at a loss

same result (CTD) if i try to go to Training or Single race - CTD on all but 67 and for some reason 65mod
AV is not a factor
i also tried deleting the mod specific exe's.. and letting GEM+ rebuild.
this one really has me and a couple other GPL'ers stumped.

who will come up with the solution?

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Car Files And Car Numbers

Today, 10:41 AM

I'm fiddling around with the 1966 mod, where I'm trying to get Mike Parkes into the Ferrari 246.

Currently he is in the Ferrari 312 66A (team_number = 9, team_order = 2 in the driv66.ini).
Lorenzo Bandini is in the Ferrari 312 66B (team_number = 9, team_order = 1 in the driv66.ini).

Both sets of graphics are in the cars/cars66/ferrari folder.
First Question: What parameter in the driv66.ini determines which Ferrari is assigned to the drivers?
Note: I tried making Parkes drive the Ferrari 312 66B by changing team_order = 1, but that did not change his car.

Next, I tried making Parkes drive the Ferrari 246 by changing team_number = 10.
The graphics for the 246 are in the cars/cars66/c11 folder.
That worked, but the car has no number (despite having the 22 skin in the c11 folder).
Second Question: Why doesn't the car display the number?

Thanks in advance for any insight you can provide!

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Splash Screen Distortion

Yesterday, 08:49 PM

thought i had this sorted...nvidea Geforce GTx 1050Ti
win10 OS
once i had the c67 mod sorted, i went thru all the other mods and (thought) i had them identical.
in fact i checked each one.

image my dismay then when i open the F2 mod.. and a few others.. and see this dappled (?) opening image
on the left a normal image - on the right, the F2 image as are most others.. only the 65 and 67 are now good.

does any one know the ONE exact setting to correct this?

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Struggle With Screen

Today, 09:02 AM


so the other day I got a friend of mine into the idea of trying out GPL and as he liked it, we got to work. Having sorted out some things, we got the game up and running for him, yet one issue is left:

The resolution is set to 1920x1080, OS is Win10, notebook in general is a Lenovo Y520.

Has anybody got an idea/ran into the same issue before?

Thanks in advance

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