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Messed Up My Fov!

20 Aug 2019

After a little help as I made the mistake of fiddling with the Field of View button in GEM+ in the original '67. I tried reducing it from 78 to 36 and now I can only see the very top pf the screen and a tiny amount of the nose.

So I put it back to 78 in GEM+ but it steadfastly refuses to revert back no matter how many times I restart GEM+ or GPL. In other mods the FOV has not changed.

I've tried looking through various .ini files to see if it's in there but to no avail.

Any ideas out there?

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For Fans Of The 55 Mod ... My Last One ... The W196 Mercedes

14 Aug 2019

Hello again

Well, this is the last in my planned trilogy of scratch built F1 cars from the 50's.   Earlier I posted my Lancia D50 and the '57 Maserati 250F and got a nice round of approval so here's my W196.

Again, the body is carved from Renshape and all other parts are made from found materials but it is 100% hand made.

In researching the car I quickly learned that it went through many changes from race to race over its 2 year life span and I couldn't find any "official" plans of any version.   In the end I drew my own plans and just arbitrarily chose which features I'd include or leave out ... at my age you can do that!   There were different exhaust lengths, a multitude of different holes appeared over the body, different shapes of scoops and even that iconic "nostril" wasn't on the earliest cars.   Those early cars had inboard brake drums too which lasted until they went on a weight saving campaign and moved them to the wheels.   So the bottom line is that my car is a smorgasborg of shapes and parts all of which did appear on the car but just maybe not at the same time! So, if you're really anal about how the car should look feel free to drop a comment but I'm not going to change it!   LOL.

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Hail to the 50's!!

Posted Image

Thanks for looking


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37 Mile Isle Of Man Track - Only One Problem

20 Aug 2019

OK, so I used to play GPL a long long time ago. When I found the New Jim Pearson 37 Mil Isle of Man track, I dug out my original CD
I stuck it in and ran the GPLPS GPL Installer and then added the 1.1 build of IOM.
OK so IOM shows up and runs perfectly on my WIN7 64 machine--I have all graphics to high and 1024x768 graphics (Ya its an older WIN and an old monitor)
The problem is WHEN I crash, there is no way to return to pits or start again without doing a hard reset of the computer--it is NOT a CTD, I crash, camera goes to the grey static loss of signal look, but no way to begin again and no way to even escape the game. So a push of the restart on the entire computer is needed.

PLEASE give me an answer--been waiting years and years to run the FULL Isle of Man track


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Track Creating... And Hello Again

19 Aug 2019

Very short version: after a long absence, I'm working on some old track projects and would like to get *at least one* released.

I released Marlboro, my first track project, 15 years ago.  I had a couple of other track projects going at the time, but by 2006 I suffered a couple of computer crashes, and had written off those projects as lost.

In the last month or so, I was cleaning up some old junk and found a backup DVD that had my old trackbuilding files, including the work I thought was lost.

Of the many track projects, the 3 that are most developed are along similar lines to Marlboro -- shorter tracks in the US, used for sportscar races in the 50s or 60s.  The one that is the most developed out of those, I would really like to finish.  I have notes (15 years old) from a driver who knew the circuit in the 60s, suggesting just a few tweaks. I had made the 3dos and textures already.  Anyway, I'm hoping to get that project back in gear.

I'm having to relearn the process at an embarassingly basic level, and I have played around with another track for a little bit to start feeling familiar with the tools. (Looking at my old files, I have a lot of tracks that I started because the serious projects were stalled.)

3 really basic questions for now.  First, is there a track editing forum that would be a better place for me to ask questions?  Second, is there a complete(-ish) list of the unk4 codes? And last, what are the texture surface values 3 and 6 for?

Thanks all.

Mr. Photog

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Gem + Seasons Button Not Working

15 Aug 2019

Posted by Buzzinfool6uk in GPL-"Help! I'm having trouble with..."
If I click on the Seasons button in Gem I get an error message pop up

'GEM+ Fatal Error Debug Information.

GEM+ has encountered a situation it cannot handle.  This could be the result of a bug in GEM+ or something in your GPL installation which I've not taken account of.'

I have attached the full Debug txt.

The result is that Gem closes automatically.
In all other respects Gem seems to be operating without issues.

I have emailed the debug txt but as yet had no response so wondered if anyone else has had this problem and of course if anyone can help with a solution!

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