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Power&glory V3 Multiplayer F.a.q.

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Posted Nov 03 2012 - 06:41 PM

Before anything, we advise every Power&Glory mod user, be it host or client, to make sure that the latest version (currently it's P&G v3.1) is installed.


1. Are there any differences in P&G for basic methods, procedures or ways to use online, when compared to GTR2?

- No, there aren't differences in that regard between P&G and GTR2.
Same steps and procedures in the menus, same connection ports (etc). P&G is a mod/expansion for GTR2 afterall.
This means that, for online, you must have the game in 'Simulation Mode'.
(if not sure how to change that, in the main menu select "Realism", then change the difficulty to "Simulation")

The SimBin Lobby is also still the same when you connect to it through the "Internet" option of main menu, so both GTR2 and P&G sessions will be listed in there (search for the ones with "P&G", or "PnG" indication in the name of the server).

Besides the different User Interface aesthetics, the only differences you'll notice is that there is a 'voting system' feature in P&G v3 (next track/session, kick player, vote yes/no) that we implemented in the game, converted from GT-Legends, which is absent in vanilla GTR2.
There are also inumerous changes in files of tracks and terrain effects (see question #2).

2. Why do I get booted as a cheater? ...or why is the server message showing "mismatch"?

- Both server and client must have the same files configuration.
A common mistake we've seen is users copying/pasteing the whole "LOCATIONS" folder from an old GTR2 installation into the P&G v3 installation.
By doing this, you'll loose all the tweaked files (.GBD and .TRK files) that we did for original GTR2 tracks, and the "specialfx.tec" that is customized specifically for P&G v3 - hence the mismatches online, and the "booted as cheat" (or 'mismatch' server message).

This can also happen if you installed the GTR2 1.100 patch after having installed P&G v3.
(NOTE: the P&G content base already includes all known official GTR2 patches!)

If you made any of the two mentioned mistakes (or both), then please try this file, extract it into your '[PNG]\GameData\Locations' folder and overwrite files when prompted. This will revert all the tweaks for tracks to same as in the P&G v3.1 release. It should then be corrected and you can try online again then.

3. I get random CTDs (crash to desktop) from random clients! Why??

- GTR2 multiplayer can get unstable under certain circumstances. Make sure all of your clients have used option #1 or #2 of the installer. Option 3 does not prepare the installation and leaves all original modern GTR2 cars and probably other mods on the client installation. This will make multiplayer unstable!

- If a client with extra cars and skins (of whatever kind) joins a server and the other clients and server do not have those cars and skins, then random CTDs can occur at any time on any random client! This is a documented bug of GTR2 and there is NO solution. All of your clients MUST have the same identical installation, not a skin more.

- If clients enter and exit the server with various cars in a single session, especially if in short period times (as if like when trying various cars of the mod), then after some time of stability, random CTDs can occur at any time on any random client! Again this is a documented bug of GTR2 multiplayer.

We suggest all clients to change the option "ADD NEW CARS" to "Always" (see in "OPTIONS/ADVANCED/MULTIPLAYER"), also to choose "ISDN" connection in the Online Lobby.

We also suggest to NOT leave the session during the race, as it may crash the game of any random client! Wait for the race to end before leaving the server.

4. Fine, but how can I be certain that all my clients use the same installation?

- We are working on a utility that checks the whole P&G installation and reports any changes and differences from the original P&G. It is not ready yet.

5. You mentioned that by simply patching the Player (in the P&G Launcher) that it also improves multiplayer. How is this possible?

- When clicking the green light "Player" in the P&G Launcher, it also changes some single lines in the .plr file that have been largely tried and proven very effective by the community. This makes multiplayer collisions much better and also lowers lag effects. We strongly recommend to use it.

6. Can't get online with P&G v3. I've tried various combinations of username and password but to no avail. Had no problem with GTR2 or previous version of P&G. Any suggestions?

- Make sure that you're using the online (multiplayer) key. Not the actual serial key for the game.
This goes for both the retail CD/DVD and STEAM digital versions of GTR2.

- Make sure that your new P&G installation is not getting blocked by the firewall. Sometimes the "firewall popup" is not seen right away and gets ignored with full screen games.
Also, depending on your configuration (if Windows 7 or Windows 8), you may have to select both Home/Work and Public checkboxes (if you don't remember which your operating system uses).
Our team member aSa made a little script tool which may solve related problems, please look for it in HERE.


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Posted Nov 04 2012 - 10:55 PM

Thank you for the FAQ.

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