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1968 Cars And Lee's Setup Manager

Today, 02:58 PM

Posted by Tobodestroyer2020 in GPL-"I just want to talk about all things GPL"

Does this programme work with 1968 mod cars?

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Gpl Menus Are Zoomed In

21 Sep 2020

I just built my pc, and got gpl on it. I was all going smoothly until I plugged in my tv to my pc. The menus are zoomed in even though it wasnt for my first moniter. I have a samsung smart tv and my gpu is nvidia geforce 1660 super

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Upgraded To New Gfx Card, Now All The Track Textures Are Stretched/blurry In Openglv2

20 Sep 2020

Posted Image
^ OpenGLV2 (blurry) ^
Posted Image
^ D3DV2 (normal) ^

After testing lots of variables, I have found that this only happens when I use antialiasing. Incidentally, Multisampling is the only kind of antialiasing that does anything at all to the game - the "GPL easy installation guide" antialias settings do literally nothing in my game. I used 8x Multisampling and 2x transparency Supersampling here.

Using Dynamic Super Resolution @4k fixes the blur and acts as antialiasing, but then I don't get any kind of usable performance in the replay view, even with default 67s.

Anyone know of a fix that doesn't tank performance? I can't downgrade my drivers to old ones because the card I upgraded to (GTX 1660 Super) was only launched in 2019.

Sorry if the image formatting is a bit iffy.

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66 Mod Won't Run

21 Sep 2020

every other mod works fine is somthing wrong with the 66mod installer or is it me?

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Driver Arms - Do You Have Them On-Screen Or Not?

18 Sep 2020

Posted by Tobodestroyer2020 in GPL-"I just want to talk about all things GPL"
I've always had the driver arms displayed on screen. This evening I turned them off and everything seemed much easier; somehow more immersive.

So, I'm just wondering what everyone thinks about this...

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