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Racing Gpl Online - A Few Questions

Yesterday, 08:26 AM

I raced GPL online for the first time last night! Hard to imagine I've had the sim for over 20 years but I never tried it! I only got into racing online with rfactor and later iRacing. During the original GPL days I always raced offline. It was fun to do a few laps last night with others around Road America. It wasn't a very competitive race but it will be interesting to try a bit more!

I did have a few questions if anyone can entertain me I would appreciate it!

- I saw in the iGOR menu you can see which mod the server is using. If I am running on a sever which uses the original GPL mod, how can I edit/configure which plugins I am using (is that allowed??). I assumed for the original mod it must use the original GPL.exe? If I edit that original EXE with GEM for offline mode, will those edits stay in place for racing online? I don't want to do any cheating but I do want to make sure I am set up with the proper FFB plugin/no letterbox patch etc

- Is there any way to see driver chat on the screen while I am driving? Maybe it is because I have the no letterbox patch, but I could not see when anyone was typing anything until after I got out of the car.

- Do people use voice chat or is text chat only supported by default? If GPL does not have any voice chat I suppose some leagues might have separate voice servers?

- How is your driver name controlled when you are on a server, is it just the driver name in the profile? Is there any etiquette about using real names vs screen names?

I think those are my main questions for now. Maybe I'll see some of you out on the track!

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I'm New To The 55 Mod. Where Should I Start?

28 Oct 2020

Posted by Tobodestroyer2020 in GPL-55 Mod

I've been back in the seat of GPL since March this year and I've loved every lap. I've spent most of my time in the 66, 68, 69, F2 and even Sports Cars but am yet to try the CanAm or the 55s. The latter really appeal but I need advice as to where to start. I have the MOD and Update installed form the Mod website but nothing else. I look here on the forum and it looks a little complicated. Which of these "updates" are essentail and in what order should I tackle them, if at all?

I hope you can help.

See you on the track in a 55 soon :)


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I Look Like Fangio!

27 Oct 2020

When I watch replays in the 1955 Mod, I look exactly like Fangio: the face, the helmet etc, even though in "Player Info" I supposedly have a dark blue helmet.. Is there a simple way of changing that? I have tried Search with various terms but came up with nothing.

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Financial Support Critically Needed

27 Oct 2020

Posted by Bo Bruce in News & Announcements
this is not going to be good.... i got a call from Bill this morning and his boss has been hospitalized w/ covid.
if that's not bad enough the boss is looking at closing down where Bill works.
that means no income for the man that hosts these places we all know, love and USE on a daily basis.

your financial assistance NOW means these web sites continue uninterrupted.
we've got about 2 weeks to float his boat - failing that he's not sure what will happen.


no specific amount - whatever you can - but if we ALL gave just $1 he'd be set for a year....

as we know, not ALL can so PLEASE if you want to see these places continue - show your support!

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Promote To Article

28 Oct 2020

Posted by leon_90 in Member Feedback
I have been granted this power, most likely by mistake :D :D reporting in case it is a general issue for the mods to investigate :wave:

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