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Someone (Amplifiednl) Has Finally Made The Growly Brm V16 Engine Sounds

Today, 07:49 PM

How lovely it would be for this to make its way to GPL, however adapted it would need to be:


How lovely it would be to actually have a "20th Anniversary Update" with new material from sounds to cockpit and wheel textures, to tracks of all stock content, taking advantage of the advances in PC components from 2005 to now.


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Today, 11:26 AM

Posted by marco lenarduzzi in GPL-"I just want to talk about all things GPL"
Hi everyone.

I'd like to take the Brands67 spring update and make a stand alone version by renaming .dat and .3do files for Brands67 but when I tried to load the track I got a could not load track. I realized that I also need to rename the .trk file and it's not visible in the Brands67 folder.

   My question is,how if possible can I extract this file so I can rename it ?

If it's possible to do this, I was wondering if it would be ok to post the end result to make it easy for anyone who would like to have a separate spring version of Brands67.

Thanks in advance :)

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New Patch: Replaydirector

14 Jul 2018

In the last days I have tried to release an idea I had eight years before. Now I have began to release it.

The idea is: If I watch a replay I don't know where is the action. I have to know at which time which driver had an collision, hard fight or something.
The pactch changes the focus to the eciting scenes during watching replays.



BR Olaf

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East London Cameras

15 Jul 2018

Posted by deegee in GPL-Track Addons
Footage of the 1965 South African Grand Prix in this video;


On the back of this, I have extracted the camera file from the track.dat and reworked it a little to show more of the enhanced scenery supplied by F Caballero, Tom Clark, and Gliezeit et al. The cameras also emphasise the seaside location as demonstrated in Gliebzeit's horizon file.
Assuming there is no cam file in your eastlndn track folder, just paste the attached file directly into the eastldn folder. If you dont like the result simply delete the file.

Attached File  eastlndn.cam   1K   21 downloads

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Old Games Site

15 Jul 2018

Posted by twinpotter in Off Topic Chat
Would like to ask if any of you have been to this site and used it, for old games.


I went on the other day and tried to take out a 30 day subscription, to download some old games.

I did it through PayPal, but my anti virus went nuts and said there was a threat. So I couldn't get any further. Unless I of course turn of my AV.

So as anybody had any issues with this site.

Thank you

TP 👍😁

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