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Going To Monza - Any Tips?

Yesterday, 01:19 PM

Posted by MickeK in Motorsport Chat
One thing that didn't happen in my quite long life so far is to see a F1 race live. So now I've decided and will go to Monza this year.

Anyone here that has been there? Guess so. Any experience that can make my days there even better is welcome. I bought that kind of "general admission" ticket (Prato). Anyone being using that one? It seems perfect to me as I like to check out different views and will do a lot of photographing.

I'm very excited and will visit the track all four possible days.

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Project Cars 2

Yesterday, 07:52 AM

Posted by Pete Gaimari in I Wanna talk about other Sims or Games
What do you guys think of this? It looks interesting and i'm tempted.

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Pescara, A Great Old Track.

15 Aug 2017

I know the Pescara Track status, has been kicked around before.  It appears to be a beta, and never finished.
So, I'll ask the question again.  Are there any plans for a finished track?  I think it would be great for the 1955 mod.


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Brake Pedal Calibration (G920)

11 Aug 2017

Hi All,

I am new to SRMZ, so again hello everybody !
I used to drive on GPL on an irregular basis since 3 to 4 years, and just reached a pretty poor rank of 152 :).

I changed my old wheel for a G920 with last week, and I am a bit struggeling with the bloody hard brake pedal.
It is easy to tweak the braking range in other games like lfs, in order to reach max braking point before it gets too hard.
I tried to do the same calibrating the pedal axis in gpl (e.g. not pressing the pedal at the maximum during calibration, or playing with the tringle cursor) but I did not manage anything.

Has someone an idea about how to set the braking range in gpl?
I understand what's the cursor for the wheel calibration, it set the neutral/centre point. But what is the cursor doing for the pedal calibration?

Many thanks for your help!

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Goodwood Revised Ai

15 Aug 2017

Posted by Tato in GPL-Track Addons
Hello simracers and GPL fans. :lol:

Here's a new set of AI files for this classic british track. Includes 67 specific track.ini file.


Simply paste the files into your \tracks\goodwood folder, but please make a backup of existing ones before overwriting so they can be reverted easily if needed.


- provided as "it is", without any kind of warranty;
- feel free to edit the files as you want - if you want to - without asking for permission.


Many thanks to Arno for asking me to work to this track - otherwise I'm pretty sure I will never put my hands on it, because I simply hate it, sorry - for his support, sympathy, professional beta-testing and very helpful feedback. :)

Regards, Tato from Italy


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