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Will Gpl Ever Go Vr?

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#16 John Woods

John Woods

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Posted Sep 22 2017 - 09:59 AM

An expeditious engineering imperative in the interest of meeting a publishing deadline?

Plus no thought Grand Prix Legends would ever go VR, or even that there would ever be VR?

A limited number of cameras and limited experience plus novice awareness of potential capabilities?

A virtual environment that is really most similar to live theater facing an audience?

You could say its because of an assumed driver POV, but there are other cameras and look left/right, track IR...
So maybe its diligence of the track creators and limits of hardware?

If that is the case VR for Grand Prix Legends is a matter of interest?

My very very limited experience with track creation confirmed it is some substantial and difficult effort to fine tune driver view and replay cams to perfection. A VR environment would surely be much more of a challenge.

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#17 isamu


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Posted Sep 26 2017 - 09:51 PM

View PostJonnyA, on Aug 19 2017 - 01:15 AM, said:

Does anyone think or know if VR could be coming to GPL soon?

God I hope so. Iracing, PCars and AC has spoiled me. Especially now that more historic content is being released for AC and Pcars 2.

#18 AbidingDude


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Posted Sep 03 2018 - 07:15 AM

VR is possible in GPL.
I don' see a previous post on this method so I am adding it here.  Apologies if this is already common knowledge.

1.  Please understand that I just discovered this and am just posting so that others with an interest can explore.
2.  I have not tried detailed configuration changes, just documenting that it works, after a fashion.
3.  I would not recommend that others invest in VR until some in the community who already have a Rift or Vive try this.
4.  The method that worked for me costs an extra USD$40 in software.  However, the software (vorpX) works for a number of other legacy games (GTR2, GTL, etc.) and therefore for me it was worth the investment.  Plus kind of fun.  However, your mileage may vary.

How I did it:
1.  I am using Oculus Rift; it should also work with HTC Vive.
2.  I purchased, downloaded and installed the software vorpX (http://www.vorpx.com/).  It is USD$39.99.  I don't know of a free solution atm.
3.  I created a vorpX Cloud Profile in the vorpX Configuration menu, then searched for and downloaded (imported) the vorpX DOOM profile by SorryAboutYourCats.  My understanding is that this profile works with OpenGL games, which is why I chose to try it with GPL.  Other profiles might work but this is the one that I used.
4.  I have uploaded a draft GPL profile (by abidingdude) to vorpX based on SAYC's DOOM profile (credit given), so you might be able to use that one instead of the DOOM profile.
5.  If you use the DOOM profile, you can create a new profile and rename it "GPL" or something different (that is what I did).
6.  Make sure the vorpX profile you choose to use is linked (assigned) to the gpl EXEs that you use (e.g., gpl.exe native, or gplc67.exe through GEM+).  I have done this for at least some of the GEM+-specific exe's.  If the exe is missing you will get an error message when you try to start the game with vorpX running in the background and will have to go back and add it.
7.  Make sure vorpX is running in the background when you start GPL.
8.  Start GPL as you usually do, put on your VR headset, and drive in VR!

Note that, at least the way I have it set up, there is no head tracking until you get to the track, so on startup the corners of menus are difficult to see/select.  Also, head tracking in game seems to function a bit oddly compared to how it does with the Rift in other driving sims (AC, RF2, R3E, pCARS2) and with GPL using TrackIR -- I assume that these issues can be addressed with configuration edits, but have not tried to do so yet.

Thanks in advance for any feedback.

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#19 Lee200


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Posted Sep 03 2018 - 12:32 PM

That really is great news and thanks for posting your experience with Oculus Rift.

The high price of today's VR headsets is probably what is keeping most of us away from them.  The current Oculus Rift is $400 U.S. which is pretty steep, but apparently it works OK for several other racing sims such as AC.

That's good news that the vorpX software can support OGL with GPL.  Cool.  :)

Have you been able to compare GPL in VR to other sims such as AC, rFactor2, .etc?

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#20 AbidingDude


    Jackie Ickx

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Posted Sep 04 2018 - 10:12 AM

I hear you about the cost of VR headsets.
At this point I would not buy an Rift or Vive just for GPL.
The experience is still a bit "tweaky" and not as good as in sims with VR baked in.
It is still fun though after nearly two decades of playing GPL, to be "inside" the sim (in the way that VR is good at) for the first time.

A couple of additional points (still playing with the vorpX settings):
1.  The middle mouse button is your friend.  It toggles the screen size - shrinking it away from you when you are in the menus so that you can get to the green button in the right lower corner easily, then going back to full screen to drive in-game.
2.  Del button brings up in-game menu.  Still exploring the settings, but you can zoom the screen in and out to minimize the letterbox effect.
3.  Can't get car mirrors to work in VR - will have to explore if changing rendering in the rasterizer has any effect on this.

#21 dathyr1


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Posted Today, 12:28 AM

Thanks AbidingDude  for your info on using Vorpx and VR with GPL.  I dont have Vorpx yet but do plan on getting it for non-VR games. When I do get
Vorpx, I will give it a go with GPL and also Nascar 2003.

I also have the Oculus Rift and use it with many other popular racing apps such as Project cars 2(PC2), Assetto Corsa, and RaceRoom to name a few.
First time I put the Rift on with PC2 in a F1 car at Indy track was kind of a Wow factor, True VR puts me right in the drivers seat and can look all around inside and outside the car. If I had enough room I could get outside the car and walk all around it.  First lap around Indy I spent more time looking at the scenery around me than concentrating on the driving.  hehe.  

The only thing I see with the Rift far as a downside is the graphics Resolution of the lenses. I am used it and once I start racing online I dont pay much attention to it.  But VR does need to get to the next level of Graphics Resolution.  As you all know cost is a big factor also.

Vorpx gives more of the 3D effect on non-VR supported games.  May not actually be in the drivers seat with Vorpx, but it does get us closer to enjoying the racing apps with VR that is not supported. Now I could go one step farther and use my Trackir 5 with VR-Vorpx to get the headmotion I need.  

Last thing I found out, some racing apps have the feature called "Look to Apex" which one in particular I have is F1-2018.  What this does is the camera view works/pans off of how much your steering wheel moves left and right. This give kind of the impression of head movement by the camera view looks in the direction I am turning.  It can be adjusted for how much you want the effect.  I tried it and it works fairly good with F1-2018.  Add that with Vorpx-VR and may make a good racing experience since F1-2018 is also a non VR racing app/.  

take care,

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