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Addons-PnG_TrackLinker v1.1 build2

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#1 aSa


    Denny Hulme

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Posted Apr 04 2009 - 07:10 AM

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File Name: PnG_TrackLinker v1.1 build2
File Submitter: aSa
File Submitted: 04 Apr 2009
File Updated: 21 Feb 2010
File Category: Addons

UPDATE 21.2.2010 (v1.2 build1):
  • made the tool to request admin rights when started (if there's a need)
  • also fixed a small bug I accidentally found :D (crashed when showing a tooltip for Interlagos5 track)
  • and now tooltips will show "user-friendly" track names instead of internal names

UPDATE 14.2.2010 (v1.1 build2):
  • quick drop down selections for source and target installations
  • tooltips will show track names for track folders
  • a real installer

This tool is made for those who understand the idea of linking one folder to multiple places using so called soft links or junctions/junction points.  With the benefits of saving lots of hard disk space and update time this comes with a risk of accidental file loss if not remembering/understanding the basic idea of linking.

With folder links one folder (source folder) is linked to one or more separate places in your hard disk (target folders, "ghost folders").  What ever you do with the source folder contents will get "mirrored" instantaneously to the target folders.  That comes from a fact that accessing target folders actually transfers you silently (at OS level) in to the source folder.  This will ALSO mean that if you CLEAR your target folder, you will actually clear your source folder!  And of course vice versa.

Please, REMEMBER the following basic rules!
  • please DO NOT REMOVE linked folders (targets) with other means than this tool (f.ex. with Windows Explorer).  It will result in an empty source folder! (=track files lost).
  • please DO NOT UNINSTALL a game/mod which has folders linked into it.  By doing so will result in empty source folders! (=track files are lost).

If you want to do either of those things above, you must REMEMBER TO FIRST REMOVE FOLDER LINKS WITH THIS TOOL.

This tools will duplicate tracks from one game installation to another without actually copying them (disk space waste).  Also if you update "the source track", the change will be effective to all linked targets at the same moment.

This tools uses NTFS functions which requires at least "NTFS V5.0" that is found from Windows 2000.  Newer operating system with NTFS should be ok as long as source and target drives are local, non-network drives.

Will not work with FAT/FAT16/FAT32 drives as a target, but source installation can be in a FAT type drive.

More in the readme.txt

Click here to download this file

#2 HR186S


    Denny Hulme

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Posted Apr 06 2009 - 12:01 AM

Can you put the folder in any location, rather than into the GTR2/Gamedata/Locations folder?

So I could leave it in C:\Locations, and run any tracks from there?

#3 aSa


    Denny Hulme

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Posted Apr 07 2009 - 12:32 AM

I made some restricting rules in to the program so that there were less possibilities for errors in usage.

If you are able to use command line tools, you might try to use (or even script) f.ex. Mark Russinovich's JUNCTION.


Usage: [-s] <directory or file name>

-s Recurse subdirectories


Usage: [-d] <junction directory> [<junction target>]

To delete a junction specify the -d switch and the junction name

If you're familiar with old Norton Commander style "file browsers" please try FAR Manager.  It is able to do junctions that are compatible with my tool also (yes, I use FAR Manager in my work a lot, I'll give it 10 points and a parrot sticker :) Far is FULLY scriptable!!).  Just open source and target in their own panes, leave the focus over the wanted folder, hit Alt-F6 and Enter.  Thats it.

Hope you could survive with these.

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