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Low Fps With More Than 20 Cars On The Track

22 Nov 2017

Hello everybody,

it might be a stupid question, but if I set the number of cars on the track on more than 20, the fps are going massive down. with 30 cars for example i have not more than 30-40 fps at the start.

Sure the cars need a lot of CPU and GPU i suggest.

BUT: In my PC a intel core i7-4720hq cpu @2.6 is working

it has 16 GB Ram

and a geforce gtx 970 m

In normal ways this PC should be handle an lot more cars on the track, even with the highest graphic settings(maybe over 100 - I think 107 is the limit in the game) I would like very much to drive with over 100 cars on the nordschleife....

The game is over 11 years old an my CPU and Graphiccard is when not the up to date hardware but a very fast machine?

Am I wrong?

For example in assetto corsa i can put 20 cars on the track with almost highest graphic settings and the FPS is stable over 60 fps.

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Easter Eggs In Gpl Tracks

17 Nov 2017

Here's my video on secrets and easter eggs in Grand Prix Legends. Please let it know if there are some secrets that I missed, I would like to make another video.


There are also some images I found while browsing trough the DAT files that I couldn't find on the tracks themselves:
1. Isle of Man - Hidden message about the 'spanish inquisition' or something like that.
2. Sodegaura Forest Raceway - Cavemen (One says "what are you looking for?")
3. Clermont-Ferrand - Red Cross widgy wodgy, it doesn't show up in my game.
4. Nürburging - Smeagol / Gollum and some images from a rockband (?).
5. Laguna Seca 1967 - Emma Peel

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Gpl Online..er How?

20 Nov 2017

After about 10yrs away I've been getting back into GPL again and have been working on my times for the past few months. I'd like to venture racing online again but neither WinVROC or IGOR seem to show much when I check them. Has the party moved elsewhere?.. `(or is there simply no party anymore?). If all I'm missing is is a current configuration guide for IGOR or something similar I'd appreciate if someone could point me in the right direction.

Thanks - David

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Ferrari 712M Small Cockpit Update

17 Nov 2017

Posted by leon_90 in GPL CanAm 71 Mod
Hi lads,

I have made a small update for the 712M cockpit. It's just the telltale removed, which was never there in real life, and the rev needle made slightly longer to match real size ;) Plus driving view has been lowered just a little bit to provide a more realistic setup.
(you ain't driving a truck are you? :D)

Attached File  Ferrari 712M cockpit_update v1.0.7z   6.64K   66 downloads

There were plans to add the correct needle texture for the tach as I did for the '67 312, but unfortunately the new needle moves around the wrong center of rotation. Which is something that can only be corrected by someone who knows how to move around these things. Since the mirror needs to be fixed too, since it has the wrong shape (textures are ready for that too), if someone who has the knowledge of how to deeply modify 3dos would like to help please say it ;) As I said, textures and implementation of the new needle are all ready to go.

Posted Image

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De Vos Monoposto

19 Nov 2017

Posted by twinpotter in Motorsport Chat
Nice little interesting topic and website:



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