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Using Head-Motion Tracking With Gpl

16 Mar 2019

Posted by prize in Motorsport Chat
Does the GPL shift utility allow me to use TrackIR with GPL?  Is there a better way to run TrackIR with GPL?


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Syracuse Program For Sale On Ebay

Yesterday, 10:50 AM

Posted by Ramoats in GPL-66 Mod
Wish I had 100 to blow on this ..... WOW  Check this out on Ebay ....


I already converted it to a 1966 program cover ... enjoy

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Gpl 67F2 Mod

16 Mar 2019

Posted by prize in Motorsport Chat
Is 67F2_Mod_for_Grand_Prix_Legends_v1.0.exe the latest version of the GPL 67F2 mod?  After installing and running GEM+ as usual, I can select carsF2 and SEASONF2, but there is no F2 carset in the carset list.  Also, gpl/gplcf2.exe was not created.

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First Time Out

13 Mar 2019

Posted by Alan Davies in Motorsport Chat
I came across this today, I've not seen it before; wonderful footage:

Sorry if you've all seen it before

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Something Interesting? Gpl On-Line Racing

14 Mar 2019

Found this in the box set Grand Prix Legends manual, in the Multiplayer Racing section, page 41 of the Racing Companion, regarding hosting races...


You can enter numeric (#.#.#.#) or symbolic (fred.harry.net) host names. If you enter a symbolic name, it may take several seconds for the machine to translate the name. If it cannot, an error message will appear on the screen.

Okay, this was back when all things on-line were thru dial-up connections.

Wondering if the numeric versus symbolic name translation issue is perhaps contributing to connection issues on VROC and iGOR with names such as WILLOW, GPL_BRASIL, Mybroga_X, HaulsX, and UKGPL10_60fps?

Maybe worth a shot to test?
How to test?
No longer an issue?


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