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Changing Driver Names And Photos

19 Jan 2018

Hello all,

How would you go about changing the names, photos and performance of drivers in GPL? Can it be done without any specific software? I ask as I have been wondering whether I could use the GPL '55 mod to make, for example, a '54 mod or a '56 mod, just change the drivers and tracks and disable certain cars and you could make a few extra seasons, right? Let me know if this is doable.


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A Simple Good Health Tip

Yesterday, 09:58 AM

Posted by John Woods in Member Feedback
An easy fix to a too common problem.
Hope this helps.


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Driving Skill - Improvement

Yesterday, 08:37 AM


This may seem like a strange question but...

After practising and practising etc etc on and off for the past 12 months or so..........I don't seem to improve much against the original 1967 AI cars in GPL.

Along comes the 1955 mod and without much practice I am able to compete. That is, I can usually get into the top 10 in most races unless I muck up, and with some really good driving and no mistakes I can challenge the top 6.

My question is why? Yeah, I know, weird question to be asking :huh: .

1. Is it that the AI in the 1955 mod isn't very good?
2. Is it that the AI in the original 1967 isn't very good?
3. Is it that the 1955 cars are actually easier to drive?
4. Is it that set up plays a really big part in driving faster in the original 1967 cars and not so much in the 1955 cars? Bearing in mind that I still haven't got my head around set up - the only thing I ever do is set the steering ratio and tyre camber.

I would be interested to hear of others' experiences and how they saw improvements in their own driving.

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Does Anyone Know Who Owns/runs Gem?

Yesterday, 11:34 AM

Posted by Bo Bruce in News & Announcements
i believe initial creation was by Paul Thurston(?)  its not Bill Cooper (i just asked him)
the problem is when one goes to GEM to update SGEM (seasons bottom right corner) where does that link?
Bill C, said he doesn't know (the TDB ?  no!)

so who controls if a modification/fix is needed?

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Gplracer 55 Fun Cup Thursday 25Th 20.30 Cet

21 Jan 2018

Posted by paul skingley in GPL-"Hey, anyone need a racer?"
Hi Racers.
GPLRACER starts it's 55mod Fun Cup on Thursday evening 25th January 2018.

Race 1 - Buenos Aires 1955 (ba55n2)
Server start time 20.30 CET ( 19.30 UK )

Mod = 1955 Grand Prix ( gplc55 )

Int/long mode ( free use of shift/r without penalty )
Server start time 20.30 CET ( 19.30 UK )
30 minutes qualification.
Approximate 40-45 minutes race time.

No server password
Free chassis choice
All welcome so invite your buddies Posted Image

No REKO, but you can submit an investigation

More info here

Join us at GPRACER for 55mod,65mod,66mod and 69xtra seasons in 2018.

Paul & Stefan
GPLRACER 55 cup Admins

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