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37¾ Mile Isle Of Man Mountain Course For Gpl Build 1.1 Update Patches

Today, 02:05 PM

37¾ mile Isle Of Man Mountain Course
for Grand Prix Legends

BUILD 1.1 ............Released 16th June 2019 + [  EDIT SMALL FIX [see below ] ]

This new build contains all the Draw Distance modifications and other changes discussed
in the CTD Fix thread, plus a number of other refinements, outlined in the attached BUILD
1.1 [ Change Log ] document.

For those who downloaded the original release version before 14th June 2019, please
update to BUILD 1.1 by using  ONE of the two small update patches on the right hand side
of my downloads page here.


Simple instructions in the Zip.


All new installs will be BUILD 1.1 from now on.



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Monjuich Revisited

Today, 11:03 AM

Posted by Paddy the Irishman in GPL-"I just want to talk about all things GPL"
2019 - thought that this might interest fans of one of the nicest GPL circuits,( well one of my favourites anyway).



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Isle Of Man Pace Notes In German

13 Jun 2019


well, the title says it all.
I have created Pace Notes Sounds in GERMAN for the full Isle of Man track by Jim Pearson
to use with the program IOM Track Options Manager.

More details in the readme.

I use the Pace Notes Sounds in combination with Direction Arrows and Corner Names. :)


Have fun.


readme - Pace Notes Sounds in GERMAN
for the Grand Prix Legends (GPL) track
AAIOM (37¾ mile Isle of Man Mountain Course by Jim Pearson)

These are alternative Pace Notes Sounds in GERMAN language for the full Isle of Man track for GPL by Jim Pearson.
To use them you need the program IOM Track Options Manager.

You can download the AAIOM track and the IOM Track Options Manager (by Lee Bowden) of Jim`s homepage:

These audio Pace Notes are generated on the fly in real time as you reach positional triggers on the course
and include corner direction; numerical references 1 - 5 representing slowest to fastest corners, together with
other verbal clues to what lies immediately ahead.
These Pace Notes make it easier to learn the very long Isle of Man track.
With this system that is also used in Rally sports you can drive a track quite fast without knowing it.
Tip: Use the Pace Notes in combination with the Corner Speed & Direction Arrows option of the IOM Track Options Manager.

Unpack the 7zip. Inside the "Pace Notes Sounds_GER" folder you find a "AAIOM" folder.
Copy the "AAIOM" folder into your GPL "tracks" folder and let your system overwrite all files when you get asked.
The path to the GPL "tracks" folder is ...\SIERRA\gpl\tracks\

Now you have replaced the 139 original ENGLISH pace notes with GERMAN pace notes. :)
In case you want to go back to the original ENGLISH pace notes there is a folder named "Pace Notes Sounds_ORIGINAL"
inside the "Options" folder that has all 139 original MP3 sound files in ENGLISH.
Just copy them all in the "Pace Notes Sounds" folder and let your system overwrite all files when you get asked and you are back to ENGLISH.

I have also replaced the five sounds of the "Track Position Sounds" folder with GERMAN sounds.
These sounds are played as examples within the IOM Track Options Manager (not in game)
when you choose the Pace Notes tab of the program and hoover with your mouse over the track section screenhots.
I have also included the original ENGLISH sounds in the "Track Position Sounds_ORIGINAL" folder in case you prefer the ENGLISH sounds.

How to create Pace Note Sounds in different languages
To create the GERMAN Pace Note Sounds I used the great freeware Balabolka.
Balabolka is a free Text-To-Speech (TTS) program. All computer voices installed on your system are available to Balabolka.
So if you have for example Italian computer voices installed on your system, Balabolka will read and safe your texts in Italian.
The on-screen text can be saved as a WAV, MP3, MP4, OGG or WMA file.

The IOM Track Options Manager can only read MP3 files!

Download Balabolka:

When you save a MP3 file with Balabolka the file name has to be identical to the original sound name
as the IOM Track Options Manager can only read the original file names.
The sound itself can be in any language, but the file name has to be the original ENGLISH one.
For example the sound name is "FullThrottleOverJumpKeepRight" but the GERMAN sound is "Vollgas über Sprung rechts halten".

Thank you
Jim Pearson
Lee Bowden

These replacement German Sounds by Stefan Roess.

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Igor Is It Still Working?

13 Jun 2019

Posted by PaulWright in GPL-"Help! I'm having trouble with..."
Hi all I have been away awhile and glad to see the GPL community still hard at work.
Thank you all.

I was just looking the new add-on and OH Boy!!!

Now for the question, I see races on VROC but none on iGOR.
Saw a thread from last year with new (IP = blw.net) but its not working?

Thanks for any help.

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Parana Still Isn't In Gplrank

06 Jun 2019

Hello guys!

Thanks for adding the new Isle of Man track to GPLRank!!!  I noticed, however, that Parana isn't still there. I think it's the single complete track that isn't yet in the webpage and ask admins to add it :)

Thanks in advance!


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