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Player.ini File Only Capture Laptimes Of The 11 Gpl Original Ones

Yesterday, 06:29 AM

Posted by Pedro L Ramalho in GPL-"Help! I'm having trouble with..."
Hi all,

Yesterday I found out that my player.ini file is not capturing any laptimes from other tracks beyond the 11 GPL original ones. Shouldn't do it? What can be wrong?

Thank you.

Note: one thing I did with the file after reinstalling GPL a few months ago was a copy/paste of my old laptimes from GPL Rank into the player.ini file (this procedure), as I lost my old GPL installation. Could this action be related?

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Who Controls Gplrank?

17 Apr 2018

I was searching for some infos at GPLRank and was checking 65s times...

Strange 8:01 for 65s Fastest laptimes at Nürburgring!

I made a back to back comparison 65GPLV2rank and was faster only at East London (the only 65 track...)
so I investigated more and found the guy had same times at 67s for the whole rank!!!

What is it cheating or an upload error, who can verify those values?

What makes me angry is that the real fast times by e.g. Steve Cloyd at papy tracks are not visible!

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Gpl Stopped Working

16 Apr 2018

Hi guys, Help needed please.

All of a sudden GPL wont run from being perfect. All i get is a blank screen and an error saying GPL.stopped working. It wont run from its own icon or GEM. Ive had no driver updates at all.

So i reinstalled everything again
GPL GEM and i get the same error. If i try and start from GEM i get an error from that saying i need to start GPL manually and create a player file.
Somebody told me to delete the GPL67.EXE file then copy my GPL.EXE from my disc and try GEM again  Tried but  i stil get the same error and blank screen.

Thanks for any help .
Much appreciated.

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News Champs In Clandestines Trophy

17 Apr 2018

Posted by jonny'o in GPL-"Hey, anyone need a racer?"
I would like to do some research on the interest of pilots in running on a new schedule.
I'm going to stop running in some leagues, this on Sundays
because I have a new job that prevents me from making these leagues
so I wanted to see the possibility of some riders running in this new schedule:

11:00 h Brasil ,Argentina
09:00 h Miami, Montreal
08:00 h Mexico
14:00 h Londres, Porto
15:00 h Paris ,Copenhague
16:00 h Berlin, Helsinque
17:00 h Moscou
23:00 h Tokyo
00:00 h Sidney

this league runs regularly on Wednesdays, and intends to expand to a new Sunday schedule.

maybe some new Japanese or Australian pilot?

I would like to read some comments on this.

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Could High Speed Broadband Be Bad For Gpl Online ?

17 Apr 2018

Maybe someone with more knowledge can answer this.

Some of our league members seem to be getting more GPL online problems since switching to hi speed ( cable ) broadband. I am still on adsl and have not noticed any increase/decrease of CTD/freeze etc.. than I have had in the last 10 years.
So it got me thinking that maybe the higher speed connection has something to do with it.

GPL is old and was programmed when the internet was just getting going so could something in the online code be having problems with the higher speeds and causing disconnects ?

I know in theory cable high speed should be better, but does higher speeds mean a higher rate of errors ?


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