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Le Mans 24H

Today, 03:46 AM

Posted by snafu in Motorsport Chat
I'm sure everyone is aware but it's this weekend.

Practice currently showing on Eurosport 2 in UK

Everything you need to know here...



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1965 Mod Cars Liveries

Yesterday, 02:43 PM

Good day gents! Im facing another problem with this mod. For some reason some oF the Cars are not displaying their racing Numbers apart from the Brms. Im racing 65 full season and i noticed the issue happens ONLY in some tracks not all. Any clue about what it might be?
Also could you tell me the meaning of 65 Fg and Fd Cars?

Thks very much.

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Collection Of Replays With Setups For Mods Other Than 67 Original

16 Sep 2020

There is a very large collection of expert track replays (with setups) for the original 67 cars at this link: http://ferdinandschu...etup_ferdi.html
This is a great learning tool, as it allows you to compare your performance vs. a gold standard result on many different tracks using GPL replay analyzer.

Is there a similar collection of replays on many different tracks for more recent mods, such as 65 or 55?


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55 Mod New Tyre Textures ...(Mapping Problem)

14 Sep 2020

Posted by hagapito40 in 3D modeling
Hi guys!
I have done some new textures for the 55´s in this case it´s a PIRELLI Stella Bianca.

The original textures were not good, only half of the tire wall had texture...
Posted Image

So i have done a new set of Pirelli textures...

Posted Image

The problem is...that one poligon vertex on the exteriorior sidewall have a wrong UV coordinates...

Posted Image

I can´t open the 3DO in any GPL  tool whitout error, so i can´t acces de the UV´s section to solve the issue. 3DOs can have some king of protection?
In any case if someone can help me, this will be IMHO a massive improvment on the mod visuals. Thanks!


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Ai Cars Won't Practice

15 Sep 2020

A search didn't reveal any threads that addressed this, but I'm sure it's come up before.  All but one or two of the AI at a track are not practicing/qualifying during the practice periods.  Obviously it's something that's track-specific as it;s the only track where this occurs.  Any clue as to what causes this?

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