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Whatever Happened To Gplcsm?

Yesterday, 03:52 PM

I don't like posting two topics in two days, but I cannot find a living link that leads me to a GPLCSM download. I understand that the links on these forums are thirteen years old, but this software would be nice to have around. Does anybody know where to get it, or can anyone send me the files?

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How Stop The Width Stretching With Wide Screen Monitor

26 Mar 2017

I would also like to know if it whatever it is would apply to other races like F1 2002 and Nascar 2002 that use 3D config.  I don't know the files or names involved since I have not had this working with windows 7 for 5 years.  I used GEM then.  If there is some free screen partition software, is it useless with 3D games because they over  ride it?

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77A Weather Patch V2.14

26 Mar 2017

I've just finished a completely new version of the Weather Patch which I think you will have fun with.  You can download it from my website located here:


Thanks to the '55 Mod team for their test support and especially to Stefan Roess for hosting the website.

BTW, Stefan has cooked up a nice surprise for everyone too.  :)

Be careful, it can be slippery out there.  :man-on-ice:



What Is It?:  The Weather Patch continuously changes the visibility on-the-fly to simulate fog, rain, or haze.

It works during training, qualification, and race for all mods, all country .exes, all tracks, and with the D3D7v2 and OpenGLv2 rasterisers.

Online players see the same visibility regardless of when they join the server.

As the visibility decreases, so does the track surface grip to simulate a wet track.  Also, the AI will slow down.

How Does It Work?:  The Weather Patch uses GPL's Fog Effect which, before now, could only apply a constant density, gray colored fog throughout qualification and race.  Normally, the fog's density is set in the track.ini file, but the Weather Patch automatically and continuously changes the density on-the-fly and track.ini file settings aren't needed.

The density and change duration are random, but are based on the track's length.  So each track will have different fog characteristics.

How Do You Use It?: See this link to my website which contains the link to download the Weather Patch and how to add patches:


I place the Weather patch in one of the Options directories to make it easy to turn on and off with GEM+'s checkbox.

Important--the patch only works with v2 rasterisers!  Do not use it with the Night Patch!

What Should You Expect To See?:  The Weather Patch continuously adjusts the visibility during qualification or race.  Sometimes the visibility will be very good while at other times, it can be quite poor.  Be careful when the visibility is poor as the track surface can be very slippery.

Replays:  The patch works during replays.  All the replay buttons such as fast forward, pause, .etc, and the time slider work normally and the visibility is automatically updated although it make take a few seconds to adjust.  If your replay includes qualification and race segments, the patch automatically adjusts.  You can use a saved replay as well as the normal qualification/race replay screen.

Other Notes:

1.  If you enter and exit your car or use the replay time change features, elapsed time and visibility may no longer be in real time.  Press the "Live Feed" button to synchronize the display.  This is not a bug with the patch, but is a feature of GPL.
2.  To minimize possible frame rate degradation, visibility changes are purposely limited to twice per second.  This may create a slight flickering effect when the visibility is worst.  
3.  The Fog Effect is always active so it may obscure the horizon at some tracks.  Some tracks have a distant horizon which makes them more susceptible to the effect.  Tracks with closer horizons, such as Monaco, are not obscured as much.
4.  Do not use the Weather Patch at the same time as the Night Patch as the two patches are not compatible with each other.
5.  The online server does not have to be patched for the Weather Patch to work.

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Problem With Can Am 71

25 Mar 2017

Posted by Claudio Pablo Navonne in GPL-"Help! I'm having trouble with..."
I have a problem with the Mod Can Am 71: the menus blink continuously. Once I hit the green button, everything works fine, but when I go back to the menus the problem continues. Use GEM and use all modes through it. The problem is with any patch or none. Any suggestions?
Thank you very much.

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Getting Wheel To Calibrate In Dos Box

27 Mar 2017

Posted by Elijahroberson in I Wanna talk about other Sims or Games
I cannot seem to get my G27 Logitech driving wheel to calibrate on DOS Box games like Indycar Racing 2, and Nascar Racing. When I plug in the wheel and start the game the menu selector is moving all over the place and not letting me control it. Any tips.

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