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Easter Eggs In Gpl Tracks

Today, 12:09 PM

Here's my video on secrets and easter eggs in Grand Prix Legends. Please let it know if there are some secrets that I missed, I would like to make another video.


There are also some images I found while browsing trough the DAT files that I couldn't find on the tracks themselves:
1. Isle of Man - Hidden message about the 'spanish inquisition' or something like that.
2. Sodegaura Forest Raceway - Cavemen (One says "what are you looking for?")
3. Clermont-Ferrand - Red Cross widgy wodgy, it doesn't show up in my game.
4. Nürburging - Smeagol / Gollum and some images from a rockband (?).
5. Laguna Seca 1967 - Emma Peel

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Ferrari 712M Small Cockpit Update

Today, 05:56 AM

Posted by leon_90 in GPL CanAm 71 Mod
Hi lads,

I have made a small update for the 712M cockpit. It's just the telltale removed, which was never there in real life, and the rev needle made slightly longer to match real size ;) Plus driving view has been lowered just a little bit to provide a more realistic setup.
(you ain't driving a truck are you? :D)

Attached File  Ferrari 712M cockpit_update v1.0.7z   6.64K   33 downloads

There were plans to add the correct needle texture for the tach as I did for the '67 312, but unfortunately the new needle moves around the wrong center of rotation. Which is something that can only be corrected by someone who knows how to move around these things. Since the mirror needs to be fixed too, since it has the wrong shape (textures are ready for that too), if someone who has the knowledge of how to deeply modify 3dos would like to help please say it ;) As I said, textures and implementation of the new needle are all ready to go.

Posted Image

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Cerne's Wood Track

13 Nov 2017

I have just discovered the Cerne's Wood track. The basic track comes as a Winter track but there is a Spring version available. Will some one please advise me on how to install the Spring version. Total computer dummy here!

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All Suggestions For This Problem - Welcome

12 Nov 2017

tho i was able to install and drive the mods SportsCars (SC) and 69extra (69x) earlier, i just tried it today and i CTD instead.

in GEM i select driver, the screen changes to Carset=1967 Sportscars (GPLGT)
the track shows Sebring 67 (tho i've tried other tracks and get same result)
car selection is Ferrari 330/p4 (same comment as track result)
season = GTseason

all is as it should be, so i click on GPL and the screen/game loads.

on the left, where you can check team composition and 'add' a new (you) driver.. those work.
but if from that screen i press the green button (lower right) - to where you'd then normally see the tracks... i get CTD

this has worked before, i have some setups (nothing major, just tweaks) and a player for the SC's.
what has changed, was the last time i launched i was using windows XP, and i've now changed to win10

i even attempted reinstalling the two mods, without success of getting them to run.

Sys is Win10 and nVidea GT650 card
rasterizer is set to OpenGL v2

i see the main GPL screen, but when i try to load a track (pressing GREEN button)  bang.. CTD.
and the season ini is correct, the tracks are all installed, but i even tried other tracks, and an alternate season ini... same result.
i've deleted the mod specific 'exe' files for GPLsc.exe and GPLx69.exe, closed GEM and restarted to create new files, same result.

all other mods work fine!  65...67 F2, CanAm66 and 71, and the original 69mod... and the most recent 55 mod
i've tried loading other season ini files in GEM with the 69x mod... nope same result.
deleted player, tried different player, added new player...same result

in a nutshell, the 69s and SC mods won't "See" tracks - on pressing the GREEN button to advance to the track selection screen... CTD
if you've got any suggestions, or points i'm not covering, i'd be more than happy to give 'em a go :)
i'm about out of ideas, short of reinstalling GPL.. but why if all the other mods work?
Posted Image

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Gpl Driver Editor (Beta)

11 Nov 2017

Posted by Pavel in GPL-Tools/Utilities
Hello everyone,
my brother Roman has wrote an application for editing/creating GPL driver.ini files.
It was tested on Win7 and WinXP and worked fine.
You're welcome to download and test it by yourself, please report back if you experience any errors, have suggestions etc.
Since this is a beta version, please make sure you have backups of your files in case anything goes wrong :)
Roman will be able to post here himself once his account is validated.

GPL Driver Editor can open existing driver.ini files or create new ones from scratch. Driver data is loaded into a table, every file is opened on a new tab.
To edit a parameter, double click on the corresponding cell.
Program automatically detects the GPL mod by the file name. You can select a different mod in the combo box on the left panel.
NOTE: when rewriting an existing file, all previously added comments will be lost!

To select a driver, click on a vertical header so the whole row is highlighted.
'Add new driver' - adds an "empty" driver (with default parameters) to the table
'Move driver up' - move selected driver up the table
'Move driver down' - move selected driver down the table
'Delete driver' - delete selected driver

Right click on a driver row header to open a context menu:
'Insert new driver' - inserts an empty driver into the table before the selected one
'Copy' - copies selected driver to buffer
'Paste/Replace' - replaces selected driver with a driver previously copied to buffer (NOTE: you can copy and paste between tabs)
'Clear' - resets all parameters to default
'Delete' - deletes selected driver

Many driver characteristics such as aggression, quickness etc. can be edited for all the drivers in the table at once:
1) right click on a parameter column header
2) click 'Group modify' to open a dialog window
3) choose between increasing/decreasing by constant value, or by percentage (more or less than 100%)

All edits can be undid by clicking 'Undo' in the 'Edit' menu.

To be able to sort the table by a certain column by clicking on its header, check the 'Enable sorting' option in the 'Edit' menu.
NOTE: in this mode you can't move, insert, copy/paste, clear or delete drivers.
Uncheck 'Enable sorting' to return to standard mode. All sorting will be reverted to default order.

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