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Gpl Goodwood 1965 Track (Incl. 1955 Bonus)

Today, 03:13 AM

Posted by Stefan Roess in GPL-Track & Carset Upload Zone
Goodwood 1965 track for Grand Prix Legends (incl. 1955 bonus)


Goodwood 1965 v1.0

This track for Grand Prix Legends represents the Goodwood Motor Circuit in 1965 which was the last year Formula One visited Goodwood before the track closed in 1966.
As a bonus a representation of Goodwood in 1955 is included.

Using period photographs and historic video combined with earth mapping data, we have tried to create the feel and atmosphere of Goodwood Motor Circuit in 1965 and 1955.
To do this we made : - track layout with accurate elevations - track buildings and other objects - advertisements of the period - a portrayal of the surrounding area.

How it works -
Using the 1965mod you will see and drive the track as it was for the 1965 non championship race meeting for Formula One cars held at Easter 1965. The day was overcast with cloudy skies.

Using the 1955mod you will see and drive the track as it was for the 1955 non championship race meeting for Formula One cars held at Easter 1955. That day was also overcast with cloudy skies.

Using any other GPL mod you will see and drive the track in 1965 with clear skies and summer vegetation as it was for the Sports Car events held in September.

Installation -
run the installer - select the path to your GPL installation.

Options - "UN-ZIP ME Options_and_info.zip"  located in the goodwd65 track folder.

AI_options - AI made by Pavel and Tato
Horizon_options - type7 32bit textures
Information - Event information for 1955 and 1965
Low_Res_addon - Smaller textures if needed to boost performance
Track_sound_options - Removes the track sounds

Goodwood 1965 is not compatible with the July 2000 - GPLEA "Revival" version of Goodwood.

This software is supplied free and "as is" with no warranty. You use at your own risk.
It may not be copied and supplied for financial gain.

We hope you have as much fun driving the track as we have had making it.
The Goodwood 1965 Team - 2020

Posted Image

Posted Image

Screenshots Gallery (100 images):

Track installer: http://goodwd65.gplw...odwd65_v1.0.zip [131 MB]
Server version: http://goodwd65.gplw...ERSION_v1.0.zip [3.5 MB] (Only for server!)

Beta testers please remove any previous version before installing this one!
Thank you all for testing!

Notes that started the track development thread on 15 July 2018, which has today 196 pages with #4878 posts:

greg - We will be making some updates to the beautiful Goodwood track made by GPLEA in 2001 and enhanced by Jackseller in 2004.   Posted Image

greg - First, I will re-post the private messages that have gone between Denis (Db312) and myself over the past few months.
This forum is a better place for track update development, as we can hopefully receive more input.

greg - Ginetto's work is what I started with for the '65 version, along with Denis.  The gaps in the off-track grass fringe is very obvious, but can be made to look very good if they can be added back in.   Posted Image

greg - I was going to wait until Paul had completed work on his absolutely gorgeous new horizon/sky for Goodwood .... but, I can't get enough of driving it now!!
stefan - Paul is back editing. Posted Image Posted Image
ginetto - FWIW I am making build files of this track to let you guys work in every direction.


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*** Gpl Goodwood 1965 Track Released

Today, 02:45 AM

The Goodwood 1965 track for Grand Prix Legends (incl. 1955 bonus) is released.

Get it here:


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Corona Races / Championship

Yesterday, 09:45 AM

Posted by GrandPrixYannick in GPL-"Hey, anyone need a racer?"
Hello fellow racers!

I'd imagine most -if not- all of you out there are affected by the coronacrisis one way or another.
It's difficult times, and doing fun things is a good antidote.

I have been fiddling with the idea of a little fun cup  in GPL for a couple of months.
In the EOLC forum, there was also a bit of a discussion going on.

I felt this would be an good idea to get a little brainstorm started to organise a little championship :)
Of course, a lot of questions that need to be answered, like who can host it, what time do we race, how long do we race, etc.
But I hope there will be great interest in this.

Here a some ideas I had to get things started:

What do you think of this? What are your ideas? Maybe you can provide?
I'm looking forward to your answers :)

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Gem Doesn't Offer My Video Resolution

08 Apr 2020

Hi All,

Just getting back in to GPL after many years away. Cant believe there is still such an active support group. So here is my problem. I have found GEM and have started to use it but it doesn't offer the graphics resolution I need. When I enter GPL direct I can select the correct resolution but this is not offered in GEM so if I enter GPL via GEM it defaults to the lowest resolution and I have to choose the correct resolution. Where does GEM get its list of resolutions? Can I add specific resolutions to this list?


PS The real problem is I am just too slow but that is another story :-)

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06 Apr 2020

Posted by twinpotter in Off Topic Chat
Anybody have a link for Doodat?

I've searched the net, but to no avail.

I'm wanting to input some sound files into the Icr2 game.

Thanks all

TP: 👍

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