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Gpl Does Not Designate Car Number On Server

Yesterday, 04:18 AM

Posted by Keyser Zose in GPL-"Help! I'm having trouble with..."
We have a server running on VROC and for some reason everybody who logs on are given #0 and in the replay window the cars on track dont show any number at all. We have had this for two races now and I have no idea why. The track in question now is Balcarce72 , dont know if this might be something missing in the track folder or a general gpl issue.

Any ideas would be appreciated.

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Targa Florio?

17 Sep 2019

Posted by JzAr8 in GPL Request Area
The download is dead and I want it. Does anyone have it?

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Gpl Screen Zoomed In Issue With Windows 10

14 Sep 2019

Hi all,

(*Edit - it was the display scaling option in Windows 10 - see below for Bob's fix. Testing revealed revealed it also happens with Nvidia cards too. Post title edited accordingly)

I've not been able to fix an issue with GPL and this combination (ATI graphics and win 10). I've got 2 systems and they've both got the same problem.

The issue is the screen is overzoomed slightly - the black bar on the bottom of the screen is not visible because of the 'zoom', and the right side of the screen is cut off too - the right side wheel is cut in half by the right edge of the screen. I'm using the 67 mod. I've attached a photo showing the issue.

My main system until a few days ago is as follows. It's old but a goody!

q9650 intel cpu
Asus p5q-e mobo.
ATI RX-570 graphics card.

I upgraded the graphics a few months ago from a GTX570 (Nvidia) - the 570 didn't have this same issue.

If I boot the computer with the RX-570 on windows 7, it runs perfectly too. It's just the combo of windows 10 and the ATI card.

I get the same problem on my monitor (2560x1600) or TV (1080p).

My new just built system (AMD 3700X and 5700 XT) has the same issue with windows 10. This mobo doesn't support windows 7 so I can't test with that. Regardless, I want to stay on windows 10 now.

I've tried tweaking all the resolution in the GPLresolutions.exe program, and all resolutions I select in GPL do this to some extent.

In core.ini I have direct mirror rendering set to 0.

I'm stuck and can't think of any other options.


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Igor Race List

11 Sep 2019

What is the latest Race List for the iGOR ini file ?

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Nvidia, Settings

11 Sep 2019

Hi Guys,
I have GPL newly installed on my Win 10 System tha uses a Nvidia Titan X GPU.
What Rastzerizer is the Best for this GPU and what Settings would you suggest.

Thanks , for Help


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