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Gpl's Ini Files

18 Feb 2018

I was setting up the 67 Historical Mod when I decided to play about with the Season INI files as I didn't immediately see how they worked. Anyway I deleted all the tracks from each file using GEM+ and added a different track to each one. Then I started GPL to see which ones were visible for which selection. I found that

67SEASON.ini is the list of tracks used by the Training mode and the Single Race mode.
GP.ini is the list of tracks used by the World Championship mode.
G67.ini appears to be used by nothing.

In fact just to test this out further I deleted all the tracks from the G67.ini file and nothing in the game seemed to be affected.

Can anyone tell me how these .ini files work. What is the G67.ini file tracklist for?

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Sim Racing Cockpit Project

17 Feb 2018

Posted by Pedro L Ramalho in Your rig or Manufacturer's stuff

Today I share with you the project I am developing for my sim racing cockpit.

I would like to have your oppinion and suggestions before I start buying the materials to build it.

It is an aluminium profile based sim racing cockpit, and the two main goals are: maximum adaptability and minimum investment.

I developed it fucused in having distance and angle regulations for almost everything, to permit the perfect driving position for me or for my 6 year old kid.

So, it has 12 different adjustment possibilities, like pedals plate angle and distance, wheel and shifter plate angle, height and distance, monitor height and distance, seat position, backrest position, angle and lenght, head rest position and overall lenght adjustment of the chassis for stowage when out of use (with half size).

Below I share with you some 3D screenshots of the drawing. What do you think? What would you do differently?

Thank you!

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Yesterday, 11:24 AM

Posted by leon_90 in Off Topic Chat
Hi lads :wave:

I just wanted to let you know that I finally managed to get a big project of mine under way and have started writing some articles about cars and sim-racing.
The first one I posted has been inspired by a recent discussion we had in this community :D I hope you'll find them of interest, next week I'll have one up about a secret Ferrari project :shh:

You can find them on my tribe in DriveTribe or on my Tumblr. I'll leave you both links.
Follow me on Facebook or Twitter (you can find the relative buttons in my Tumblr navigation bar) to be updated ;)
If you like my articles, please consider leaving a like or a bump, it would help me a great deal :) Thank you!



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What If.... An Outrageous Calculation?

18 Feb 2018

Posted by Jens C. Lindblad in Motorsport Chat
The ever returning subject: Who is/was the best F1 driver ever?

It is impossible to state objectively, and not quantifiable of course, but the subject always comes up and there are several lists available on the net, and regularly published in magazines like Autosport, Motorsport etc. and although the same names crop up the lists rarely agree 100 %

So much has happened in the evolution of cars and tracks, safety, technology, and reliability since the inception of Formula 1 in 1950 that I just made up the following ridiculous calculation, because I got into an argument of Facebook on this very subject.

I suddenly had the thought that if the "greats" of F1 had all been able to enjoy a career lasting 308 races, the number of races contested by Michael Schumacher, what might the results table look like?

The table should not be taken entirely seriously because it does not take into account what would happen if these greats where able to race each other, for example, had Senna not died at Imola, what would the impact have been on the results and careers of Schumacher and Senna.

Anyway, the table for some of the greats, assuming they all took 308 starts looks like this:

Fangio; 51 starts: 144 wins and 30 x WDC(!)
Jim Clark; 72 starts: 106 wins and 8 x WDC
Jackie Stewart; 99 starts: 84 wins and 9 x WDC
Michael Schumacher; 308 starts: 91 wins and 7 x WDC
Alain Prost; 199 starts: 78 wins and 6 x WDC
Ayrton Senna; 161 starts: 78 wins and 5 x WDC


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Gplracer 55 Fun Cup Thursday 22Nd Castle Combe

19 Feb 2018

Posted by paul skingley in GPL-"Hey, anyone need a racer?"
Hi Racers.
GPLRACER continues it's 55mod Fun Cup on Thursday evening 22nd January 2018.

Race 2 - Castle Combe ( ccombe )
Server start time 20.30 CET ( 19.30 UK )

Mod = 1955 Grand Prix ( gplc55 )

Int/long mode ( free use of shift/r without penalty )
Server start time 20.30 CET ( 19.30 UK )
30 minutes qualification.
Approximate 40-45 minutes race time.

No server password
Free chassis choice
All welcome so invite your buddies Posted Image

No REKO, but you can submit an investigation

More info here

Join us at GPRACER for 55mod,65mod,66mod and 69xtra seasons in 2018.

Paul & Stefan
GPLRACER 55 cup Admins

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