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Niki Is Gone

20 May 2019

Posted by gliebzeit in News & Announcements
Niki Lauda passed from us at age 70 on 20 May.

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Lap Records In The Gpl Menue "best Laps"

Today, 12:22 AM


I can't transfer my best laps records, to the new GPL version with scroll menu ?
I don't mean the original 11 GPL tracks, which are saved in the Player.ini, but I mean the Addon tracks.
For this I always used Martin Granberg's Replay analizer. These are accepted by the GPL Rank, but not displayed in the new GPL best laps menu, because there is a 10-digit code in front of the time.

I take an original track, then I have both values

For example :
Papyrus original player.ini
[ kyalami ]
braP = 1269559912 80.505997

MG Replay analizer
braP = 937513966 80,506

Can anyone help me?

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G25 H Shifter Jumping Out Of 1St Gear

18 May 2019

Posted by Paul Harwood in GPL-"Help! I'm having trouble with..."

My g25 H shifter is jumping out of 1st gear into 3rd. Does it on a couple of mods. Just started doing this. was fine during an earlier session.

Any ideas? Was 'stuttering' a bit while in 2nd gear the last few days ... and now this ...



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No Ip Addresses Listed In Gpl Multiplayer Screen

15 May 2019

I'm having a problem I haven't seen before - no IP addresses appear on my GPL multiplayer screen.  Thus I can't join or host a multiplayer game.  The Multiplayer "CONNECT VIA" and "ACCEPT CONNECTIONS VIA" drop-down menu which usually contains my ethernet and wireless IP address is blank.

I can join a game hosted on iGOR, however, and there seems to be nothing wrong with my internet connection.  I did try ticking and unticking 60 FPS options in GEM+, and I've been trying out some other GEM+/options commands.

Any ideas about how to fix this so I can join or host a multiplayer game?


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