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Motorsport Mag December 2020 Ask A Very Pertinent Question

Yesterday, 02:01 PM

Posted by M Needforspeed in Motorsport Chat
... where as regular GPLers, we are kindly but firmly invited to answer : YES !

this December issue will be at home soon

hoping Nigel Roebuck is pointing at GPL /SRMZ that keeps the flame high :drool2:

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Disabling Unused Buttons At Leo Bodnar's Bu0836A Interface

Today, 10:11 AM

Hi Everyone!

I have a modified G27 pedals on which i use a BU0836A Interface to connect them as a separate USB device. I'm only using 3 analog inputs from BU0836A (one for each pedal) and no buttons.

The problem is that this board still registers 32 buttons + 8POV on windows. This hinders GPL's  ability to "see" the remaining buttons on my G27 and my DSD Sequential Shifter (JoyWarrior A8-8).

When i unplug my pedals (BU0836A  board), GPL can recognize all the buttons on the remaining of my devices.

Is there an easy way to prevent GPL from seeing all those buttons from BU0836A Interface?

In case you're wondering about "Flight Throttle Quadrant", it is that one from Logitech/Saitek and i use it at iRacing to assing Brake Bias and Roll Bars. I have no use for it on GPL and makes no difference having it plugged or not, despite the fact it has 9 buttons.

Thanks for any feedback!

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Quick Vic Elford Needs Your Help

Yesterday, 05:59 AM

Posted by TvO in News & Announcements
Fellow GPL legend Vic Elford has hit a bump in the road. Help him out!



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3Do Resize By Rory Gibson

Yesterday, 09:55 AM

Posted by TvO in GPL-Tools/Utilities
Hi all,

I couldn't find this program anywhere so here it is :) . I use it to resize wheels as it converts a Cartesian coordinate system to radial which means you can edit the wheel rim size independant of the tire size :) . So if you want bigger wheels with smaller tire sidewalls you can do this with this tool.

See my '69 Brabham BT26a update for an example:



by Rory Gibson
- ver1.0 beta, Nov. 22nd, 2008


- Thanks to Phil Flak for his amazing work defining the 3do file structure.


This tool was created to modify existing wheel shapes.  As such it provides options for resizing or moving points based on a radius from the center point (0,0).    

Usage Information:

Usage:  3DOresize -i <inputfile.3do> -s <%> -r <radius> -[+|-|=] [-o | -w | -x | -y | -z]
3DOresize -i <inputfile.3do> -m -r <radius> -n <new radius> [-o | -w | -x | -y | -z]

  -i <inputfile.3do>   Defines the source 3DO file

  -o <outputfile.3do> Defines the destination 3DO file.
- Default = out.3do

  -s <% to resize by>           Specifies a resize scale in %.  Cannot be used with the -m option.
                                - Default = 0

  -m  Allows an absolute move rather than a percentage resize.  
Cannot be used with the -s option.

  -r <radius from center> Defines the radius on which to perform the resize or move.
- Default = 0

  -n <new radius> Only used with the -m option to define the new radius to move points to.  
If used with the -y option, this value will define the y-axis value that
all points on radius -r should be moved to.

  -w <width> Used to only change points that have the defined "width" (y value).

  -[ > | < | = ] Used with the -s option to define how the resize should be applied:
  -+ : All points greater than the defined radius will be resized
  -- : All points less than the defined radius will be resized
  -= : Only points equal to the defined radius will be resized

  -[ x | y | z ] Defines which axis to perform the resize or move on.  
Multiple axis can be specifed:
     -x : Will resize/move points along the X axis.
     -y : Will resize/move points along the Y axis.
     -z : Will resize/move points along the Z axis.

  -?   Displays usage screen


This tool is a bit confusing to use so a few examples are probably in order:

Ex 1:  To increase a wheel sidewall by 10%, assuming wheel rim radius = 0.25.  The width of the wheel will not be changed:

  3DOresize -i wheelrf.3do -o wheelrf_new.3do -s 110 -r 0.25 -+ -x -z

Ex 2:  To change a wheel rim radius from 0.25 to 0.30. The width of the rim will not be changed:

  3DOresize -i wheelrf.3do -o wheelrf_new.3do -m -r 0.25 -n 0.30 -x -z

ex 3:  To change a wheel rim width from 0.02 to 0.01, assuming the radius of the rim is 0.3.  The radius of the rim will not be changed:

  3DOresize -i wheelrf.3do -o wheelrf_new.3do -m -r 0.3 -n 0.01 -y

ex 4:  To change a wheel rim width from 0.02 to 0.01, assuming the radius of the rim is 0.3, but only if the points lie on the y-axis plane defined by y = 0.05.  The radius of the rim will not be changed:

  3DOresize -i wheelrf.3do -o wheelrf_new.3do -m -r 0.3 -n 0.01 -w 0.05 -y

Release Notes:

- ver1.0 beta, 11/22/2008
  - Fixed the -+ and -- options.  (Thanks to Martin for finding this bug!)
- ver0.9 beta,   7/02/2005
  - added ability to move points
- ver0.7 alpha, 28/03/2003
  - resizes 3do +/- units
  - initial version

Bug reports:

If you encounter any bugs or have suggestions for additional functionality please let me know at rory_d_gibson@hotmail.com.


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Best Settings For Race Against The Ai In Rfactor 1

19 Apr 2021

Posted by prize in rF-General Discussion
Is the AI in rFactor 1 reasonably good, such that you set up a good race against the AI at any track?

For a challenging race against the AI, should I set AI strength to 100%, and are there other AI settings to consider?

One more question - for GPL I can look at GPL rank to find a good benchmark time for any track.  Is there such a list of benchmark times for rFactor 1 tracks?  Or should I use the AI laptime as a benchmark?


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