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Proper Triple Screen Support :o

Today, 07:11 PM

So, i was under the impression that there were no proper triple screen modifications and the only possibility was to use something like eyefinity or nvidia surroud with the crappy single viewport over 3 monitors triple screen.
However watching this youtube video (recorded around 2002 no less!) shows a version of GPL with proper triple screen support with separate viewports for each screen. Notice how the angle changes on the angled side screens.


This appears to be done on multiple computers with the sidescreen computers each running copies of the game and spectating (does that mean it is only available for online play?). Details are short on the video.

Anyway, i never knew GPL had been modified in this way, proper triple support from a single instance on a single computer would be great. Obviously the FOVs, angles, positions of each screen would have to be configured in an ini file or something, but that would be great.

I just saw this randomly on youtube and was surprised! Especially considering how old it is and that i'd never heard about it properly or realised it was actual independent viewports.

On a side note, it's really annoying that that assetto corsa mod has called itself "grand prix legends" as it is making gpl content harder to search for. Just try searching on youtube for grand prix legends and sorting by date order for example. They really should change the name…

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Proper Triple Screen Support :o

Today, 07:01 PM

please delete

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G29 And H-Shifter?

Today, 02:04 PM

Hello guys

Could somebody configure for GPL the H-shifter of a G29?  If so... how?

Thanks for any help!


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Portland (Port) Track 1960-70S Update

07 Dec 2018

Posted by gliebzeit in GPL-Track Addons
1960-70s Update for Portland (port) track.

This update is for David Sabre's version of Portland (port) without the chicane. - http://gpltd.bcsims.com/?sbtd=port

Required in this order:
Kenny's (KWB) graphics update - st_Portland_v1.00_port - http://srmz.net/inde...417&hl=portland
Scotty's Mt.Hood horizon update - SS_generic_Mt._Hood - http://gplr.srmz.net...p?showtopic=214

This update replaces the vehicles in the pits/paddock with those from the 1960-70s.
There is also the removal of the 2D people along the pit wall.  The srb people have
been updated with better quality images.  The grandstand people have also been
updated. The TV screen at the chicane has been removed as has the digital readout
on the overpass bridge.

A few of the TV cams have been moved/changed to improve views around the
Turn 2-5 complex.

Track sounds have been added to the grandstands.

Different collision has been given to the tire walls to simulate hitting hard rubber.

Finally, there is a small amount of increase to rear FB along the main straight to deal
with some minor pop-up.

Stefano for the beautiful 3D vehicles
ginetto for the people from his paci67 track
All who have made the various GPL editing tools

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Changing Fps

Yesterday, 09:11 AM

Posted by twinpotter in GPL-"Help! I'm having trouble with..."
Okay everybody. Bit of a long story but I'll try my best to keep it short.

Earlier this year I requisitioned and refurbished, my brother's laptop. I reinstalled the OS (Vista 32bit) and updated all the appropiate drivers and relevant OS systems. The laptop was really buzzing as well as all singing and dancing.

I've put on various games, like F1 Challenge 99-02, as well as  GPL67. When I last played and used the laptop (about 2-3 months back) GPL was running great, then all of a sudden, began to be frappy and slow with gpl. Opening up the laptop ( after sometime away), I find out that I still have the same issue.

My problem is during training mode and sat in the pits, the fraps range (prib display) between 32-36 FPS and sometimes lower. When I get out on the track, the fraps change from high fps to low and up and down  So it will drop low and the car will be barely moving at all and going back up to going 30+ FPS. This results in you approaching a corner, FPS dropping down low, then back up to fast. You then come off the track, onto the grass, or even worse. Really is annoying. It feels like there is something running in the background (programme) slowing, gagging, bottlenecking and holding the game back. I put in a new HDD, which is spinning noisely and working overtime.

The laptop as Intel graphics on board ( not sure of model) and machine is from about 2008, with Vista 32 bit OS.

It's just a basic lappy, that you may have on your breakfast bar. Maybe the laptop is not good enough? Specs later, as I won't be near it, until later today, or even tomorrow?  

All other games installed, pre 2008, work well and have no issues. That makes me believe, that it could be a GPL issue? I have put the 55 mod in too and that as similar issues too. Spa 67 track is also installed, with light graphics and again the track works just fine. But FPS drop the same way as if I was at another track such as Monza.

I haven't tried updating the graphics card yet. What I have tried is reinstalled GPL, with the 1.08 installer and again just the original 67 game.

I've altered the graphic settings in gem, such as lower resolution, number of sounds, basic buffer, no 32 bit graphics, no vsync or antialising, as well as trying both openglv2 and direct 3dv2 graphics. Without any positive improvement.

I've also rebuilt the 67exe in gem. Turned of antivirus and as I said turned of loads of things in gem, such as dynamic lighting or specular highlights?

Any ideas and pointers, to help solve my issue, would be great.

Thanks 👍

TP: 😁

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