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Jehonville Revised Ai 2.0

Today, 02:39 PM

Posted by Tato in GPL-Track Addons
I had already released a set of AI files for this track in 2013. Now it's time for a better version. And yes, I really love this sort of Montecarlo or Pau but in the countryside. :wub:

Attached File  jehonville revised AI 2.0 - by Tato.7z   69.51K   10 downloads

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Setting Up Igor

Today, 03:55 PM

I've never played GPL online and was hoping to have a go, but every race I try to join ends up in a "client/server bandwidth mismatch" loop.

Now, I changed the stuff in the core.ini file to correspond to the values in the only guide to setup I could find, but it seems that guide is outdated as the server it tells me to use doesn't work any more. I found out I have to use igor.gplrank.info now, and the servers at least show up now. I think the 3/84, 3/384 thing is still right as far as I can tell.

What are the latest core.ini bandwidth settings supposed to be in order to let me into a race? Is it a problem with GEM patches? Other than 60/36fps none of the servers specify any so I think it should be fine.

I'm totally clueless.

Edit: disabled all patches for 36fps server "J_ONE", still mismatched.

Edit2: Now I've installed bwpatch, I'm "not qualified" to join any races. What does that mean?

Edit3: Never mind - somehow works now.

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Horrible Fps

Today, 10:12 AM


Anyone else have horrible fps in game? I have smooth 14fps..occasionally almost 20...I have tried almost everything. Tweaked nvidia inspector like it's in the guide here. No help!
Lowering graphics settings..no help. Turning off other programs..no help. I have latest nvidia drivers 400+ something..
It's totally unplayable for me at the moment.

I guess I have to wait new driver update and hope it solves this.

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Groundhog Bathurst 12H

Today, 01:20 PM

Posted by fajanko in GPL-"Hey, anyone need a racer?"
Well, it is Bathurst 12 hours with a twist :)

It's 12 hotlap challenges (1/month) with 6 different visibility settings and using all GT cars throughout the season. (See attached pic. Last three events are free car choice.)

“Sunny“ events - default track settings
“Weather patch“ events - Lee's old weather patch
“Twilight“ and “Night“ events - various [fog] settings

Yes, weather patch and track fog settings cannot be monitored. Like previously in Groundhog league I simply believe you use the given settings. We are gentlemen :)  "Twilight" might not, but Weather Patch and "Night" surely will effect your speed.

Join as much rounds as you can, it's not for points, lap times will be added up to decide the fastest driver.

Full season page:

First challenge is already opened. Have fun! :)

Attached File  bathust 12 hotlaps.png   59.92K   7 downloads

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Finding Instructions On How To Add Startup Programs To Gem+

Yesterday, 06:44 AM

I am trying to add startup programs to GEM+ like fairshift and GPLSounds but I can't remember exactly how the GEM+ configuration works? Can anybody point me in the right direction where I can find the instructions.

Also, I use the smallest available font size in GEM+ configure but it is still too big to completely show all text of GEM+. Is there a way to further reduce the font size?

Thanks in advance


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