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Nürburg-Ring {Upd. Version 2018-12-17}

Yesterday, 05:54 PM

Posted by -XK- in GPL-Track Addons
New Version ... hope you like it :hat-tip:



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An Unified 1967X International League?

13 Dec 2018

Posted by mcmirande in GPL-"Hey, anyone need a racer?"
Hello everybody

I noted that there are several enthusiasts of the 1967x mod world-wide, but we're geographically distant each other, which reduces the grid sizes.

I was thinking that maybe we, interested in racing this mod, could do some "ad hoc" league to do it with full grids in some consensed day/hour allowing people to race together.

I thought in a loose schedule of about one race a month or every 45 days during 2019. I would like to race them in pro mode and 60fps, but everything may be adjusted according to the preferences of the drivers.  The hosting and GPL-Weekly reports will not be problems (I could manage both things unless other guy were willing to do it).

At first, I would like to know who would join the league, in order to think about all details after that. I think it wouldn't make sense if we were 10 or less drivers for race.

Well, comment in the thread if you think you (or some other driver without SRMZ account you know) would join it.

Cheers and hoping see you on tracks ;)


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Damage Level Pro And Gp Mode

15 Dec 2018


I have a question...
After 12 years gpl I'm still unsure about this point: Is there a difference in damage level between PRO mode and GP races?
I'm an online racer. In the days before the race I practise offline in single player mode. When I touch i. e. at Mexico the white tires at the edge of the road a bit often the suspension is damaged hard.
A few days later in the race it seems the same touches have no effect.
In my offline practice anyway I choice damage modell realistic. In online (or offline) PRO races gpl itself displays damage modell realistic too. If I start a GP race gpl says realistic too.

So my question is: Is the realistic damage level in PRO/GP mode different? And is the single player damage level the same like in GP mode?

BR Olaf

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Change Font Size Pribluda

15 Dec 2018

My old eyes are in need of help. I prefer the black borders, but no matter what I try I am unable to increase the font size from the default.
    I am sure that I am missing something. I'm talking about the 55 mod if that even matters.  I'll try anything! Thanks

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Nostalgic Film

Yesterday, 01:24 PM

Posted by twinpotter in Off Topic Chat
Picked this little clip out off YouTube, due to some wonderful film of Crystal Palace and Isle of Man TT.


This for a clip of the 1955 Monaco Gp.


While on the subject of Monaco and 1955.

This clip here https://youtu.be/d1RHWKTMZQ8

From a 1955 mod for the F1 Challenge game. The cars set off from the harbour side as was historically correct for 1955 Monaco.
Unfortunately this couldn't be done for the GPL mod, as I saw noted and pointed out in gp laps series on YT.

Would that ever be possible to change, in a future update? I understand it's a codeing issue 🤔

TP: 😁

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