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Anyone Up For Some Good Old Fashioned Pickup Racing?

Today, 01:13 AM

Posted by Dav_Daddy in N2K3-"Hey, anyone need a racer?"
That's pickup like a basketball game not pickup like in truck... Lol

A good friend and myself have had a relapse of the old sim racing bug so we've been polishing our skills with some NR2003 most nights before making the commitment to join iRacing, also so we don't make fools of ourselves once we do; so anyone who feels like running a few laps on any given evening (except Sat) around 5-6:30PM Arizona time hit me up on Discord (dav#6652) will be moving to mumble soon so will update the deets here when that has happened.

For the moment we're running plane old vanilla cup mod with the original tracks.

Open setups with baseline race setup of my own provided pre session.  (Winner of each race exports their setup to be available as a baseline set for the next time we visit that track.)

Right now we're using 30 or so ai cars 94% to 98% difficulty to fill out the field.  Let me know what number you run and I'll eliminate that ai car for you.

Races are 3X, 30% in length (considering 35%), yellows on (except Bristol and Martinsville).

We'll restart the race until everyone can get a lap or 2, if you cause two restarts you go eoll.  If you are responsible for 2 yellows please park it.

Currently I'm hosting the session on my gaming pc.  I'm considering migrating to my Linux Media Server PC as a dedicated host so folks can setup and run races anytime with whichever settings, mod, and track version they please.

Feel free to copy and paste this post, or provide a link here anywhere that Papyrus aficionados gather these days the more the merrier!


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1968 Cars And Lee's Setup Manager

23 Sep 2020

Posted by Tobodestroyer2020 in GPL-"I just want to talk about all things GPL"

Does this programme work with 1968 mod cars?

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Gpl Menus Are Zoomed In

21 Sep 2020

I just built my pc, and got gpl on it. I was all going smoothly until I plugged in my tv to my pc. The menus are zoomed in even though it wasnt for my first moniter. I have a samsung smart tv and my gpu is nvidia geforce 1660 super

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Upgraded To New Gfx Card, Now All The Track Textures Are Stretched/blurry In Openglv2

20 Sep 2020

Posted Image
^ OpenGLV2 (blurry) ^
Posted Image
^ D3DV2 (normal) ^

After testing lots of variables, I have found that this only happens when I use antialiasing. Incidentally, Multisampling is the only kind of antialiasing that does anything at all to the game - the "GPL easy installation guide" antialias settings do literally nothing in my game. I used 8x Multisampling and 2x transparency Supersampling here.

Using Dynamic Super Resolution @4k fixes the blur and acts as antialiasing, but then I don't get any kind of usable performance in the replay view, even with default 67s.

Anyone know of a fix that doesn't tank performance? I can't downgrade my drivers to old ones because the card I upgraded to (GTX 1660 Super) was only launched in 2019.

Sorry if the image formatting is a bit iffy.

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66 Mod Won't Run

21 Sep 2020

every other mod works fine is somthing wrong with the 66mod installer or is it me?

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